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“The Ugly Carrot” – Historical Building Becomes a Vegan Marketplace

In St. Louis Bay, a 1909 hall is being transformed into a marketplace for sustainable and vegan products. This will enable local farmers to offer their produce to the community.

From August onwards, much of the upper floor will be transformed into a food market. This idea was conceived by the chef David Dickensauge. He believes that South Mississippi does not really have a sustainable market, despite increasing demand for plant-based products.

The shop will offer sustainable local products, vegetarian and vegan sandwiches and salads, organic juices and homemade kombucha (fermented tea). Juices with vegetarian and vegan protein powder will also be available. The products on offer are all sourced from farmers within a 100-mile radius.

Under the project name “The Ugly Carrot”, Chef Dickensauge wants to offer an extensive range of products. The project’s main purpose is to present easily accessible, healthy food in a pleasant atmosphere. There will be no meat and no seafood. And the vision is set to go even further, because Dickensauge hopes to open five more Ugly Carrots in the near future and expand on this idea. The project will involve up to 150 farmers, with whom David Dickensauge hopes to create his own farmers’ cooperative.



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