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Top Chef Tom Colicchio Joins Meati Team to Bring Mycelium Meats to the Masses 

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Celebrity chef and food activist Tom Colicchio is joining mycelium-based alt meat producer Meati Foods’ team of investor-advisers. The host of hit cooking reality show Top Chef, Colicchio aims to build on his ventures as a chef and food advocate working to end food insecurity through the partnership. 

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the journey as they bring their disruptive product to market and make a real global impact” – Tom Colicchio

Colicchio sees Meati’s mycelium-based meats as a scalable and sustainable solution to democratize whole food nutrition, with the company currently undergoing rapid scaling of production ahead of a national launch in 2022. The Colorado-based alt protein startup recently announced a Series B raise of $50 million for its mycelium-based whole cuts of meat created through fermentation.

Meati Foods
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After announcing the partnership officially through his Instagram this week, Colicchio is offering first-taste bundles to his followers to be one of the first to try Meati products ahead of their 2022 rollout. 

“As a chef, I have a keen eye for seeking out new ingredients and innovations that deliver on quality and taste, and I’m equally as passionate about finding products with the potential to deliver whole nutrition in an equitable and sustainable way. Meati excels in both of these categories, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the journey as they bring their disruptive product to market and make a real global impact,” explained Tom Colicchio.

“Compared to any products I’ve seen on the market to date, Meati’s value proposition of providing a nutritious, accessible product with low environmental impact remains unmatched. Your body benefits from Meati’s whole food nutrition, while the planet benefits from Meati’s small environmental footprint – that’s something to feel good about,” he added. 

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