• UK: Marston’s Introduces First Vegan Pub Burger

    Many restaurants and cafes offer vegan alternatives such as plant-based burgers and more. Now, vegan burgers are to be introduced into pubs. In collaboration with Moving Mountains, Marston’s has developed the meatless B12 burger, which is said to be similar to traditional meat burgers in every respect. It has been available in numerous Marston’s pubs in Staffordshire since last week.

    The vegan patty contains natural ingredients such as oyster mushrooms, pea protein, oats and beetroot juice, through which it “bleeds” like a real meat patty from the middle. In addition, it contains vitamin B12 and thus delivers all the nutrients a conventional burger provides. The burger is rounded off with jackfruit, Asian cabbage salad and classic burger additions such as fresh fries and onion rings.

    To find a recipe for a burger patty that looks, smells and tastes like a real burger, scientists, chefs and farmers worked together and experimented for three years. “The Moving Mountains B12 Burger is an innovative addition to our menu that appeals not only to our vegetarian and vegan customers, but also to those who are trying to make more conscious health or ethical dietary choices,” says Nicola Arrow, Marston’s Senior Food Development Manager. The reason for introducing the B12 Burgers is a growing demand for so-called “flexitarian” dishes, as more and more people reduce their meat consumption and choose vegetarian or vegan options, including in pubs. Arrow continued, “We have listened to our customers and used the growing demand for healthier and alternative offerings in pubs as a great opportunity to develop and update our menu.”

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