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UNLIMEAT Launches Grilled Plant-Based Meats Menu at LA Restaurant Jeong Yuk Jeom

South Korea’s UNLIMEAT is launching a grilled plant-based meat menu at Jeong Yuk Jeom, a popular Korean BBQ restaurant in Los Angeles. Through the partnership, UNLIMEAT says customers now have the opportunity to enjoy plant-based versions of Jeong Yuk Jeom’s premium BBQ meats. 

The new menu will feature UNLIMEAT’s protein in several dishes, beginning with UNLIMEAT Gui, pre-seasoned plant-based meat grilled over charcoal at the customers’ tables, just like real K-BBQ. Other dishes include plant-based fried dumplings, tteok-galbi (sweet minced grilled rib), and japchae (sweet potato starch noodles stir-fried with vegetables and plant-based meat).

UNLIMEAT Dumplings

Designed for grilling

Made with proprietary technology, UNLIMEAT says its products offer a flavor and texture very similar to beef. Unlike other plant proteins, which often come in sausage and patty forms, UNLIMEAT says its sliced meats are specifically designed for grilling and mixing with sauces.

UNLIMEAT plans to partner with more restaurants as it continues its US expansion. Owned by Zikooin Company, UNLIMEAT first arrived in the US in January following incredible success in its native South Korea. After launching its products on e-commerce platform Wooltari Mall USA, the brand released two flavors of its best-selling plant-based jerky via Kickstarter in May. 

Unlimeat jerky

More choices for all

According to Jeong Yuk Jeom’s owner, the restaurant had been searching for a high-quality meat alternative to add to its menu. “Ten to twenty percent of the people who come to the restaurant are vegetarians,” shares Jeong Yuk Jeom’s founder and owner. “We couldn’t offer them many choices before, so I’m glad we have these new dishes. We’ve been looking for a plant-based meat that can be grilled for over a year now, and now we’ve finally found one.”



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