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“Vegan Delite” to be Introduced in Finnish Subway Stores

The sandwich chain Subway has expanded its product range in Finland by introducing a vegan option. The “Vegan Delite®” is now available in 24 Finnish branches of the sandwich franchiser.

Subway launched its first attempt at vegan baguettes in 2012, when the “Vegan Delite” appeared in selected Subway restaurants. The introduction of specialized vegan products was argued against at the time because there were very few completely animal-free alternatives available, especially for bread. This problem was solved with the introduction of Italian bread, hearty italian bread, roasted garlic bread and vegan wraps. However, widespread offering of the vegan baguettes failed to materialize, which meant that the vegan option remained a niche product.

It is interesting that this niche product is currently being introduced in Finland, where McDonalds introduced its McVegan patty in 2017. It seems that Finland could become an experimental market for multinational companies.

The vegan baguette is available in the 15cm version for 6.90€ and in the 30cm for 9.90€. This means that the vegan baguette is the same price as the non-vegan baguettes. Whether Subway’s vegan baguette will soon be sold in Germany, or how likely this is, has to date been kept secret.

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