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Vegan Fine Dining Expands Across Europe

The revolution has begun in earnest throughout Europe’s restaurant scene; fine dining is re-shaping its future. Gone are the days of wine pairing with your blue steak, as the spotlight is now on fresh, tasty and exciting, plant-based culinary delights.

New vegan enterprises that seek to outclass their meat-based rivals are emerging all the time. Keen not to miss out, established successful dining eateries are creating interesting vegan menus; elevating what was once a niche diet choice into a culinary movement operating at a Michelin star level.

EuropeanCEO reports that the changes in top European restaurants include the introduction of sharing plates, avant-garde cocktail menus and so-called ‘bowl food’. And that meat, fish, eggs and dairy have disappeared from some menus altogether, replaced by innovative re-imaginings of the most humble ingredients of all: vegetables.

This is good news for people concerned with animal welfare and climate change, as it strongly reflects the evolving market, and that consumers are paying for change. These changes are defining this unprecedented shift away from animal-based food manufacturing. According to research from Mintel, one in ten food products launched in Europe in 2018 featured a vegan or ‘no animal ingredients’ claim – double the number present in 2015.

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