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Vegan Pizza Rankings Published

The Albert Schweitzer Foundation recently published rankings assessing the vegan pizza offerings of the largest pizza delivery services and restaurant chains. These not only show big differences in the current product offerings of the providers, but also make it clear that the vegan trend is taking over the catering industry. Two big players in the industry stand out in particular.

In terms of their vegan product range, some of the big restaurant chains rank very well. In particular, the providers Hallo Pizza and Call a Pizza carry a wide range of vegan food and drinks. Others, such as Pizza Hut and Domino’s, still have a lot of catching up to do in this area. Completely vegan pizza is generally difficult to find; often individual ingredients in the dishes, such as the cheese or the sauces, are not purely vegan. At L’Osteria and Pizza Hut, not even the dough is vegan – it contains egg and/or milk. In contrast, Hallo Pizza even offers vegan cheese alternatives, and Call a Pizza uses a yeast-based cheese substitute.


Campaign leader Siljy Kallsen-MacKenzie says, “The demand for enjoyable vegan products is increasing in the catering industry. Some companies have already recognised that there is a potential gap in the market. These rankings allow companies and customers to compare the commitment of providers in this sector. ”

Only companies with a total turnover of at least EUR 30 million in 2016 were included in the rankings. The rankings take into account all the dishes offered on the businesses’ respective websites in January 2018, including snacks and desserts – in other words, the complete menus of each provider.


The results of the rankings can be found here in PDF format.



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