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Vegan Tuna: Fish-Free Sushi Bowls from Veestro Delivery Service

Many delivery services in the food sector already offer vegan options, such as vegan burgers or sushi. The vegan-only delivery service Veestro has recently started offering vegan tuna, a service made possible by its collaboration with Ocean Hugger Foods. Customers can now order the Ahimi Sushi Bowl with vegan tuna from Veestro.

The Ocean Hugger Foods brand, which produces plant-based vegan seafood, developed vegan tuna after founder James Cromwell observed the mass slaughter of tuna in a Japanese fish market. He used this event as inspiration to create the plant-based tuna alternative Ahimi. The vegan fish product consists of tomatoes, soy sauce, sugar, water and sesame oil, and is part of the new Sushi Bowl at Veestro. The vegan bowl also consists of seaweed salad, winter radish, carrots, edamame and brown rice.

The plant-based tuna is already part of the Ahimi California Roll and Ahimi Sushi Combo sushi boxes, which are already available in 40 Whole Foods stores. Now, the new vegan fish option will also be delivered to homes. It is available from the vegan food delivery service throughout the USA for a trial price of $5 USD.

In Germany, too, delivery services such as Deliveroo are increasingly focusing on vegan food.

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