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‘Vegan Wangs’ Opens as First Vegan Chicken Wing Restaurant in Atlanta

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Atlanta, Georgia, popularly known as America’s “Chicken Wing Capital” is now home to its first all-vegan wing eatery. Vegan Wangs, created by entrepreneur N’namdi Arinze, opened in the city last summer with a chef-crafted menu of crowd-pleasing favorites, including six flavors of plant-based wings. 

“We’re excited to offer delicious plant-based options that everyone, including meat eaters, can enjoy”

Currently operating as a takeout and delivery service, Vegan Wangs focuses on offering health-forward ingredients and sides, such as non-GMO, wheat protein-based wings and salads with coconut-based feta.

The restaurant also makes a gluten-free wing option with fried oyster mushrooms. Its menu includes a diverse selection of plant-based nuggets, Chick’n Sandwiches and wings in six flavors: Classic Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, Mango Habenero, Thai Sweet Chili, BBQ and more. 

©Vegan Wangs

Growth plans

Customers can currently order through its website, as well as delivery platforms like Uber Eats and Door Dash. According to Arinze, the restaurant has big ambitions to expand its products to supermarkets and restaurants nationwide. Beginning in Summer 2023, Vegan Wangs reportedly plans to begin offering its products wholesale for restaurants.

The brand is also hoping to open new locations in more cities, starting with Brooklyn, NY, Arinze told Black Enterprise.  

Home-grown brands

Despite its status as the “Chicken Wing Capital”, Atlanta has a vibrant and fast-growing vegan food scene, including the wildly successful burger chain Slutty Vegan. Famous for its provocatively-named menu, Slutty Vegan has expanded from a single food truck to flourishing fast food empire, with seven locations across the US East Coast.

Slutty Vegan Restaurant Line
©Slutty Vegan

Valued at $100M, Slutty Vegan raised $25M in Series A funding to open 20 more locations in the next two years. 

For its part, Vegan Wangs hopes to make delicious plant-based wings more accessible across the city. “We’re excited to offer delicious plant-based options that everyone, including meat eaters, can enjoy,” said Arinze.

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