Mooala Launches Shelf Stable Line Due to COVID Altered Consumer Preferences

Mooala, best known in the USA for its plant-based Bananamilk, is expanding its portfolio to evolve with the changes in food shopping that we have witnessed this year, informing us that shelf-stable products are now attractive whereas, in the past long life milk didn’t hold the same appeal.

The new line is shelf-stable and includes Bananamilk, Oatmilk, Almondmilk and dairy-free Creamers and can be ordered online via Amazon.

Demand for plant-based food is at an all-time high, and creating these safer products that have long shelf lives is appealing to consumers. Dairy milk is in decline in the States and this gap is being filled by alternatives. Companies like Mooala are evolving to further their reach as consumer shopping habits change in this unprecedented year. Freezable and shelf-stable products are winning, as shoppers fear the real threat that comes with lockdown restrictions.

Jeff Richards, CEO and founder of Mooala comments: “Many consumers have found themselves shopping in ways and places they wouldn’t have expected this year. Traditionally, the idea of purchasing milk online or in the dry section of a grocery store turns people off. But 2020 has really changed the consumer perception of goods in these formats. Mooala’s products have been limited to refrigerators so far, and now we’re able to delight our customers with the same amazing organic ingredients in a non-perishable package. That means zero compromise in quality.”

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