Oumph! Now Available at Holland and Barrett

The vegan brand Oumph! from Swedish company Food for Progress is now available at Europe’s largest health and wellness retailer, Holland & Barrett. As Oumph! has recently announced, four of the brand’s vegan products will initially be available in 620 Holland & Barrett stores across the UK – Pulled Oumph!, Kebab Spiced, Thyme & Garlic and The Chunk.

Nick Jacobs, Sales Manager of Oumph! in the UK, commented, “We are delighted that Holland & Barrett have agreed to the launch of Oumph! and are expanding the opportunities for our growing number of loyal customers to buy Oumph!  In Scandinavia, Oumph! has helped increase the number of new consumers who want to try plant-based foods, and we want it to have the same effect in the UK.”

Holland & Barrett is Europe’s largest health and wellness retailer, and already offers a wide range of vitamins, dietary supplements, specialty foods, sports foods and ethical beauty brands. The company recently announced the opening of two experimental vegan-only stores. Holland & Barrett is always on the lookout for new and innovative vegan products, and its aim is to promote the plant-based lifestyle.

“Veganism is growing rapidly in the UK, and Oumph! is a fantastic meat replacement product for people who want to enjoy a plant-based diet, making it a great addition to the Holland & Barrett range,” says Ian Chant, Head of Food at Holland & Barrett.

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