UK – Tesco Sells 40,000 Vegan Vivera Steaks in One Week

The Dutch food company Vivera recently made its retail debut with the English retailer Tesco. Now the company has announced that 40,000 of its plant-based steak alternatives, available in over 400 Tesco stores, have been sold in the first week.

In a press release, the Dutch food company Vivera announced that the first delivery of its revolutionary vegan steak to Tesco, whose range is constantly being expanded to include more vegan products, was almost sold out within a week.

The world’s first vegan steak has been very well received, and the hashtag #Vivera has almost exploded on Instagram. The new product was particularly well received by technical critics.

Gert Jan Gombert, commercial director of Vivera, says: “Consumers in England are almost without exception enthusiastic about the taste and texture of the steak. We will do our utmost to meet market demand as effectively as possible by increasing our production faster than planned”.

Steak now available in the Netherlands

Following its launch in the UK, Vivera has announced that its plant-based steak will be launched in the Albert Heijn and JUMBO supermarkets in the Netherlands and Carrefour supermarkets in Belgium from the 11th of June. Vivera expects to produce several million units of its vegan steak this year. For this reason, the company is working hard to increase production in order to expand into Europe and meet the high demand for vegan meat alternatives.

The speciality of the steak

Vivera’s vegan steak is made from soy and wheat, among other things, and imitates the taste, texture and appearance of an animal steak. Even the pink “bloody” core, which is made of plant-derived dyes, is almost perfectly imitated in this vegan product. Testers from New Foods, who tasted the new vegan steak, reported that it had an undeniable spicy, meaty taste, very similar to that of a burger patty.

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