German Health Insurance Company Publishes Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition For Healthcare Facilities

German Health insurance company BKK Provita has published a guide to plant based nutrition in hospitals and health facilities. Together with the German Hospital Institute (DKI), the guide will help clinic managers and caterering professionals to establish plant-based nutrition across health care facilities over the long term.

The guide was developed by the consulting firm a’verdis, the BKK ProVita and the German Hospital Institute in cooperation with 30 experts such as hospital cooks, caterers, nutritionists and clinic managers. The guide provides background knowledge and arguments in favour of plant-based nutrition, explains its health and environmental benefits and contains comprehensive instructions for the changeover.

Board member Dr. Karl Blum says: “Interest in sustainable and healthy nutrition is growing steadily among the population, but there is often a lack of knowledge and courage to break new ground in community catering”. Therefore, the German Hospital Institute, together with the statutory health insurance company BKK ProVita and the consulting firm a’verdis, has developed a guide to healthy, plant-based nutrition in hospitals and health facilities. This provides them with practical guidance on how to offer healthy, sustainable and plant-based nutrition.

BKK Provita
Andreas Schöfbeck, CEO of BKK ProVita, says: “At BKK ProVita we know: plant-based nutrition is healthy. As a statutory health insurance company, we are committed to making this form of nutrition better known and to ensuring that as many people as possible have access to it. With the new guide, we are supporting the health not only of patients but also of hospital staff in the context of workplace and external health promotion.

Prof. Dr. Michalsen, Professor of Clinical Naturopathy at the Charité Berlin, was also involved. He states: “Nutrition can make a significant contribution to the medical care of the future. The importance of nutrition for the prevention and therapy of modern widespread diseases is enormous. Hospitals have an exemplary function in this respect”. Prof. Michalsen is convinced that hospitals that offer plant-based foods will make themselves visible as responsible, forward-looking and holistic institutions.



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