Health Professionals Call for Ban on Bacon

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A new campaign, called Give Bacon the Boot, has been launched by healthcare group Plant-Based Health Professionals UK. The initiative is aimed at hospitals and clinics, with the hope of discouraging them from serving and selling processed meats to staff and patients. The campaign’s motto states, “Lets get processed meat out of hospital.  It’s time to #GiveBaconTheBoot.”


Give Bacon the Boot
#Give Bacon the Boot

The group says that its mission is to educate healthcare professionals and policy-makers on the severe dangers of processed meats, and provide information on the benefits of plant-based nutrition in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. It aims to also raise public awareness of the associated costs to the NHS from the diseases caused by the consumption of processed meat, which is officially classed as carcinogenic.

“We aim to educate health professionals, members of the public and policy makers on the impact that processed meat consumption has on the health of our patients. We envision the NHS encouraging healthier diet and lifestyle by removing foods containing processed meat from hospital shops and canteens.”

The campaign’s website states that the removal of processed meats from hospital environments would “send a clear message to the public of the risks that these foods pose to public health.”

“Processed meat such as bacon causes harm and shortens lives. On the one hand the NHS spends millions treating people suffering with cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, but then on the other hand it serves processed meat to patients and staff, which can contribute to these very same life threatening conditions!”

Individuals can petition local MPs to give their support for the cause.

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