Health Test Panels for Vegan Nutrition

The growth in the number of vegans has prompted to develop an online test panel specifically designed to monitor concentration of nutrients. The panel will also provide information on allergies caused by animal products.

The leading online testing laboratory is a service that offers a vegan-centric test panel to investigate the health implications of a plant-based diet, its benefits, and potential deficiencies. There are two different alignments for the test; one is for people who already eat vegetarian food, and the other is for those who are not yet vegan.

The Test Panels

The “Vegan Nutritional Maintenance Panel” was developed for those who already eat vegetarian food and want a balanced diet. This panel contains eleven tests that detect possible nutrient deficiencies as soon as the plant-based diet is not balanced. Amongst other things, these can be related to B12 deficiency or too much folic acid.

The test panel “Should You be Vegan” was developed for people who are considering a vegan diet but are not yet following it, and who want to check whether eating meat and dairy products has undesirable side effects. The main focus is on finding intolerances and allergies caused by the consumption of animal products.

This comprehensive test evaluates 38 different food allergies, such as lactose intolerance, egg allergies, meat allergies and more. The standard and basic test panels are less extensive versions of the test, and focus on food intolerances and allergies usually caused by eating animal products.

According to the laboratory, many people complain of lethargy and discomfort after eating meat or dairy products. The Should You Be Vegan test is designed to help non-vegans see the benefits of changing their lifestyle, and habits that can ultimately improve their mental and physical health.

“This is an untapped market; no one has yet created a test panel to help people determine whether veganism is the right choice for them. There has been a lot of excitement about a regulated diet that does not contain animal products and many people have open questions about this. We hope that our blood test can help answer some of these questions,” said Fiyyaz Pirani, founder and CEO of

More and more people are discovering the health benefits of a plant-based diet, such as a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Veganism is also an effective way to combat factory farming, animal cruelty and environmental pollution.



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