Naturally Splendid Announces Contract Manufacturing Client to Launch Nationally in Major Convenience Store Chain

Naturally Splendid, a healthy food, hemp product developer and global contract manufacturer of nutritional plant-based products, announces that Prosnack will be distributing two flavours of its plant-based protein bites to a major convenience store chain across Canada.

Prosnack developed two vegan and gluten free products for this contract manufacturing client that will be sold under their brand in over 6oo locations across Canada. Naturally Splendid Vice President Bryan Carson states, “This relationship is indicative of the contract manufacturing business we are developing within the Prosnack Division. We continue to attract new business for the healthy snack category.

“We are pleased to report that sales as of the third quarter for this division, have surpassed gross sales for all of 2018. This was accomplished even through the Safe Quality Food Level 2 certification process as well as several facility upgrades in 2019 limited production to less than 50%”.

Naturally Splendid
©Naturally Splendid

According to The Vegan Society, from 2012 to 2017, the meat-free food demand grew by 987%. The product is Googled three times more than gluten-free and vegetarian products.

Naturally Splendid CEO Mr. Craig Goodwin states, “It is trends such as this that continue to drive business to our Prosnack Division. The decision to invest further in our facility and to focus on plant-based ingredient based formulations is creating a sustainable business model for the Company in the healthy snack market. This in turn is creating a viable, growing revenue stream to drive shareholder value and continue our growth in the healthy snack and plant-based food sectors.”



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