SternVitamin’s New Mixes – Added Bone, Muscle & Gut Health For Plant-Based Drinks

Fortification with micronutrients gives products additional health value, and plant-based alternatives to dairy products are by far the strongest category, according to Innova. In response, SternVitamin has developed special micronutrient premixes for this segment that upgrade plant-based drinks based on oats and other protein sources.

  • SternHeartV addresses athletes, professionals with high-stress jobs and older people. This micronutrient combination of B vitamins, vitamin E, folic acid, iodine and zinc supports normal homocysteine metabolism and the formation of new red blood cells.
  • SternGutV provides the second most desired benefit of a health-supporting product: strengthening the immune system. Directly supports the gut immune system through vitamins, trace elements and beta-glucans from yeast.
  • SternBonesV combines vitamin D, vitamin K2, magnesium and calcium, and helps maintain bone health. Appropriate for women in all age groups, lactose-intolerant, and those wanting to ensure a good calcium supply from plant-based products.

According to PMR, one of the main goals in the development of plant-based alternatives is to meet consumers’ nutrition preferences and offer added health benefits without compromising on taste. The new SternHeartV, SternGutV and SternBonesV premixes allow manufactures of plant-based drinks to appeal to the special needs of specific target groups.



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