Swedish Medical Center to Serve Plant-Based Nuggets

Seattle Food Tech (SFT), a food production start-up creating plant-based meats for the foodservice industry, has teamed up with the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle to serve its plant-based nuggets, making the hospital the first one in the US to do so.

SFT uses innovative food manufacturing technology to produce affordable plant-based meat at high volumes.

SFT’s Crispy Nuggets, which are said to taste and texture of chicken, are entirely plant-based and free of antibiotics, hormones, and cholesterol, while being a rich source of protein. The production also has a lower impact on the environment, requires less water, and emits fewer carbon emissions than animal-based nuggets.

“Our novel manufacturing technique captures flavor and moisture in our protein-packed plant-based meat that cooks up to a delicious golden brown, resulting in a mouthwatering burst of flavors,” said Christie Lagally, founder and CEO of SFT. “We’re thrilled to team up with Swedish to bring this product to its guests.”

“We’re excited to be the first hospital in the nation to offer Seattle Food Tech’s Crispy Nuggets,” said Corporate Executive Chef Zachary Schwab. “This partnership is perfectly in line with our goal of providing delicious, sustainable options for our guests every day.”

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