Vegan Food for Cancer Patients: Delivery Service MamaSezz Collaborates with Research Institute

The American vegan delivery service MamaSezz and the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) recently announced that they will enter into a collaboration. Together, they will provide cancer patients and survivors with healthy, plant-based meals which have been shown to help prevent and treat cancer.

The announcement follows the publication of the AICR report “Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: A Global Perspective”, which provides a comprehensive overview of current cancer prevention research. The report highlights the role of plant-based nutrition in cancer prevention and shows that a vegan diet can support cancer treatment and patient survival.

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Together, AICR and MamaSezz have developed ready-to-eat meals. “The American Institute for Cancer Research Bundle offers you the best food when you need it most,” says MamaSezz co-founder Meg Donahue. “It’s the gold standard for plant-based dishes: delicious, fresh, ready to eat, and delivered home.”

“We are delighted to be working with AICR,” says Lisa Lorimer, who is also a co-founder of MamaSezz. “We have a long history in the organic food industry and years of experience in creating delicious dishes.”

Founded in 2016 in the US state of Vermont, MamaSezz uses evidence-based research on whole foods and plant-based nutrition to support its business model. The company produces and supplies fresh, plant-based meals within the USA. Ten percent of the proceeds from the American Institute for Cancer Research Bundle will go to AICR research.

According to Alice Bender, director of the AICR Nutrition Program, following the report’s recommendations on diet, exercise, and lifestyle is the best way to reduce your cancer risk. “Lifestyle change requires some effort, but the rewards can change lives,” she says.

The AICR funds research into the relationship between diet, physical activity, and body weight and the risk of cancer. The Institute offers programs and training to help people adopt lifestyles that contribute to cancer prevention and healthy survival.



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