Wild Earth’s Ryan Bethencourt Releases Book With Top Experts Debunking Belief That Dogs Need Meat

An explosive book is now available on pre-release revealing the dirty secrets of the pet food industry, which has been demonstrated by its authors to be highly damaging to both our pets and the planet. The book discusses the myriad benefits of alternative proteins from plants, fungi, and cell-based meat products, created sustainably and with a fraction of the environmental impact caused by animal agriculture.

Authored by Wild Earth’s CEO and founder Ryan Bethencourt, an expert in biotechnology, together with veterinary scientist Dr. Ernie Ward, and animal welfare expert Alice Oven – The Clean Pet Food Revolution: How Better Pet Food Will Change the Worldchallenges conventional myths and explains the science behind what we feed our pets and the impact it has on the environment.

“The fact is, the marketing line that ‘dogs crave meat’ is completely unsupported by science, and frankly, has potentially ruinous effects on the health of our pets,” said Dr. Ward. “The public has been fed a steady diet of misinformation for years, leading to the false belief that a pet’s diet must be based in animal proteins. We’ve shown that to be utterly false.”

“The scientific developments in both human and animal nutrition have made it clear that alternative protein sources have all but eliminated the conventional belief that the only healthy protein is a meat protein,” said Ryan Bethencourt of Wild Earth, a vegan pet food company. “Sustainable, non-meat-based proteins are as healthy for our animals — and ourselves — as meat-based proteins, without the devastating effects on the environment. The time is now for a revolution in the pet food industry, we can’t afford to wait any longer.”

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