• With Dental Offices Closed, Creators of the Original CBD Toothpaste Encourage Increased Awareness of Oral Hygiene

    Trent and Megan Straw introduced the very first CBD toothpaste on the market, called CBDent, and have a full line of other dental products in development. According to the Straws, with dental offices now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, preventive care is more essential than ever.

    CBDent is an all-natural CBD toothpaste developed by a team of dentists, medical doctors, scientists and nutritionists and proven effective in killing bacteria, strengthening and restoring tooth enamel, and whitening teeth naturally. The product is vegan, contains broad-spectrum CBD oil (no THC) and is free of fluoride, parabens, gluten and any harsh agents.


    “Not only is there a lack of information available to the public on how important a healthy mouth is, many toothpastes available to the public include harmful ingredients like SLS, hydrogen peroxide, and triclosan, as well as dyes and preservatives. With direct dental care not available right now, it is an especially important time for consumers to revisit their oral care routine to prevent problems,” Trent explained. “Our goal is to be a disruptor in the oral care niche through education and introduction of safe and superior products.”

    “CBDent has already proven very popular with our customers who understand the healing benefits of CBD and wanted an upgrade to their oral healthcare routine. Now, we hope to spread the word even further,” Megan said. “We want to get more and more people questioning what they are putting in their mouths and why their toothpaste is the least expensive product in their bathroom.”

    And now, dental hygienists and dental students who have heard of and tried the toothpaste are asking to join their mission. So much so that CBDent has launched a Referral Program so these dental health professionals can help spread the word.

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