Help: I do not receive any emails from vegconomist – What should I do to receive the vegconomist newsletter? 

Unfortunately, it can happen that spam filters block even wanted e-mails. Depending on the configuration, the message may be rejected directly by the server or sorted into your spam folder. You can find out here what to do about it.

Change category from spam to inbox

If our e-mails are regularly sorted out in your spam folder, or if they have been marked as spam / junk, please move them manually to your inbox, or unmark them as spam / junk.

Add vegconomist to contacts

To make sure that our messages reach your inbox despite sensitive spam filter settings, please save vegconomist as a desired sender (this is called “whitelisting”). Whitelisting is very easy – you only need to add our email address [email protected] to your contacts / address book.

Attention, if you check your e-mails with a software that is independent of the service provider, e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, the Gmail app, or Apple mail, you should check spam filter settings and address book entries at both software and provider level. Thank you.

Special settings for business e-mail accounts

If you use an e-mail account provided by your employer, association, educational institution or other organization, congratulations! You are a vegconomist business reader, like most of our audience, by the way. One further step do to: please additionally contact the responsible person or department within your organization and ask them to classify vegconomist as a trusted sender, as you will probably not be able to do the whitelisting on your own.

Is my email provider affected by delivery problems?

Delivery difficulties seem to occur in hotmail and yahoo! accounts, while Gmail accounts receive our messages correctly. If you intend to sign up for our newsletter with a hotmail or yahoo! address, please make sure that [email protected] is listed in your contacts before submitting the newsletter sign-up form.

If you have any further questions or remarks, feel free to contact us at [email protected]! Thank you!