Adesse: “Consumers are so Much More Aware and Conscientious and I Don’t See This Reversing in the Future”

suzanne roberta
Adesse CEO Suzanne Roberta

Tell us about the market for vegan and cruelty-free beauty – what trends do you see?
In both the US and globally, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the demand for Vegan and Cruelty Free beauty. I attribute this two two factors; first, to the tireless work of organizations like PETA and Leaping Bunny who educate consumers, apply pressure to beauty brands to stop animal use and animal testing and work tirelessly with governments around the world to ban animal testing and the sale of animal tested beauty products. Now, as a result, many countries have in fact banned animal testing and many brands have changed their practices and don’t sell in countries that still require animal testing.

Secondly, I attribute this to the commitment of indie beauty founders who choose to make products that don’t harm or use animals. There is a collective conscience within the indie beauty community that is very much against the use of animals and a mission and philosophy of making clean, safe products without hurting living beings.

If I could also add here; I would also say that consumers, when looking for vegan and non-animal tasted products need to do their homework, not just on the brand, but on the parent company because, sadly, there are still brands that claim Vegan and Cruelty Free, but are owned by larger companies that still test on animals.

Where can people find your products (region/countries)?
Adesse is currently sold in the US on our web site, QVC, Birchbox and Amazon. In the EU, Adesse is sold through Amazon in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain and is available in twenty eight countries through the EU.

Do you have plans for further expansion into other regions?
Yes, we will be expanding into prestige retail in the US and have plans to launch on QVC in Europe. We are also planning expansion into the Middle East and LATM countries.

In your opinion, why should the beauty industry continue to acknowledge veganism? 
I have always had a very strong belief against harming any living creature and particularly for the sake of beauty. Animals do not have a voice and so it becomes the responsibility of brand owners and beauty consumers to be that voice. I believe that consumers now, again thanks to the work of brands and organizations against animal use in beauty products, are so much more aware and conscientious that I don’t see this reversing any time in the future.

Where do you see Adesse in the next five years?
It is my dream and vision to see Adesse as a household name and the brand that is recognized world wide as the go-to for Vegan, Cruelty Free, healthy, safe and non-toxic beauty products that don’t compromise on luxury.

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