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    CEO of Goldrad, Alexandra Donath-DeFries
    CEO of Goldrad, Alexandra Donath-DeFries

    What new developments are planned for you this year?
    We are working on some new models at the moment and also some accessories. We are planning on also doing a men’s luxury line and are working on a more casual line, called the IAMGOLDRAD line, that we are looking to expand. Currently we have one bag available for this line. But in general, we are consistently and constantly developing.

    How do you think vegan fashion is being accepted so far?
    So and so. Honestly, most vegan fashion labels are still either too hippie, too alternative or too experimental in my opinion (and by saying that I unfortunately don’t mean good experimental like Jean-Paul Gaultier or Alexander McQueen). I had many discussions about this and many of my non-vegan friends just don`t see themselves wearing most of these items – myself included. For vegan fashion it is really essential that we not only get the vegans in the boat, cause they are doing already so much, but especially the fashion-crazy people as well as the average shopper, because they are the majority.

    If we really want change, we have to go much more into either making high-street vegan fashion for average shoppers or more exclusive items for people who rather spend more money. Because THIS is the majority of people – if we like it or not. I am friends with founders from many other great vegan labels and can see that there is a lot of change happening in this direction at the moment. So are there some new fantastic vegan shoes, bags, jackets that are fashionable and much more mass-suitable and that is really really good news. Because I can not stress it enough – we need as many good vegan and sustainable products as possible. And I believe that all the big department and online stores will soon jump on the train and pick up more vegan brands as well. So that`s very good news, especially for new labels.

    How do you envisage the role of veganism in fashion over the coming years?
    I believe it will be the next big thing after the vegan food revolution that we are seeing right now. I think many investors will also start putting their money in really good vegan fashion companies, just like we saw it with Beyond Meat and Impossible. And it is really important. Because – as I said it before – as much as I love whatever is happening in the food sector, the fashion industry is such a large and extremely bad industry and so in need of changes. I am very confident that vegan fashion will soon start to steadily infiltrate the fashion industry as it is today. Just as we are seeing it right now in the food sector. There are so many new vegan and sustainable labels popping up at the moment and it is just the most fantastic thing to see. Not all of them will be here in the long run, but there are big and exciting changes taking place at the moment. I really gives me a lot of hope.

    What are your future plans and where do you see your company in 5 years time?
    At the moment we are really trying to look into things very thoroughly. Our company is all about slow fashion, we produce a certain amount of one bag model – which is 300 pieces – and sell it until it’s gone. We will come back with variations of models that customers love and introduce new models as well, but strongly keep our focus on exactly this philosophy.

    In five years I am confident we will use all natural or science-based materials and still have a sophisticated look for our products. We would like to expand the product line and do other things as well. In addition we have some ideas for a new and much larger project, but that is actually still a bit of a secret and in its very first baby stages, so I can not really say anything about it at this point in time.

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