Archer-Daniels-Midland: “ADM Has the Formulation Knowledge That Brings New and Exciting Products to Life”

Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM), the multinational food processing corporation founded in 1902, holds the original 1965 patent for textured vegetable protein (TVP), and the company states that alternative proteins continue as one of its core growth platforms.

Headquartered in Chicago and operating globally, ADM runs an innovation lab in Singapore creating tailor-made plant-based meat alternatives, featuring a food and flavor analytics lab, a meat and savory lab, and sensory evaluation facilities.

We spoke with Petra van Egmond, ADM Product Marketing Manager – Protein, EMEA, about ADM’s background in plant proteins.

What alternative proteins does ADM offer?  
ADM offers plant proteins and wholesome ingredients from over 35 diverse sources across our soy, pea, wheat, beans, pulses, ancient grains, seeds and nuts portfolios. Our full pantry of ingredients helps to deliver a quality sensorial experience for a wide variety of applications by integrating great taste, texture and color through our deep knowledge of protein functionality. Our breadth of offerings coupled with our technical formulation expertise gives us the flexibility to innovate in and deliver on major trends in the market.

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For example, our MaxFlex™ pea protein blends can give both a sensory and functionality to a variety of protein-enhanced offerings. Snacks, baked goods, powdered beverages and protein bars can all benefit from the nutritional and sensory benefits that these blends offer, helping grab the attention of shoppers perusing the aisles of grocery stores. Grabbing attention is only half the battle, though. According to our research, half of flexitarian consumers agree that plant-based alternatives need taste improvements, and more than 20% say that texture needs to be improved.[1] These products must meet the marks for taste and texture to ensure consumers come back for more.

Those blends are one piece of our larger protein systems platform, which aims to create tailored, innovative and expertly designed plant-based solutions in a range of trending formats. Through this platform, we develop diverse protein solutions for unique customer challenges, which in turn enables them to get new products that meet consumer demands for taste, quality and nutrition to market quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s a functional building block or a turnkey solution for finished products, ADM has the ingredients and expertise to help win with consumers.

ADM chef presenting a beautiful dish
Image courtesy of ADM

Does ADM have a dedicated unit/task force for alternative proteins?  
We have innovation centers around the globe that are home to various teams of protein R&D experts. Our 75 years of protein experience is a foundation for protein development and innovation, and our teams harness that knowledge as they focus on ushering in the next wave of food and nutrition solutions.

Our innovation lab in Singapore is the newest example of our continued expansion in the protein space. The facility features a food and flavor analytics lab, a meat and savory lab, and sensory evaluation facilities. It enables us to continue creating tailor-made plant-based alternatives on a larger scale for the APAC market. In Germany, we have a customer innovation center in Berlin that features a range of resources and spaces designed to support plant-based alternative creation.

Why should manufacturers work with ADM? 
Since inventing textured vegetable protein in 1965, ADM has remained at the forefront of innovation in the plant protein market and has continuously adapted to meet changing consumer demands. It is expected that alternative proteins will very likely account for 11% of the total protein market in 2035[2] and, 56% of global flexitarians are trying to eat more plant-based foods and beverages[3]. Having a partner who can keep up with this demand is imperative for manufacturers, and ADM is well-positioned for the challenge ahead.

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Image supplied by ADM

Our process always begins by understanding the needs of our customers and their consumers. We leverage our insights on consumer awareness, perceptions and acceptance of alternative proteins early in the planning process. Understanding consumer perceptions and customer expectations are both crucial as we begin product formulation. Based on the target consumer and a brand’s product goals, we recommend solutions from our expansive portfolio that’s supported by deep ingredients, applications, product development, flavor, culinary and scale-up expertise.

All of this is complemented by our mastery of both complex manufacturing processes and innovative solutions to production and sourcing challenges. ADM has the formulation knowledge that brings new and exciting products to life, and consistent, transparent supply chains to ensure quality products and reliable supply around the globe.

How sustainably does ADM operate?
ADM is the bridge between the producer on the farm and the consumer-facing brands on our tables. We work across our own operations and leverage from our role as a major merchandiser of sustainable crops. Furthermore, we offer transparent and traceable sourcing solutions, which assist with sustainable agricultural practices.

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Image supplied by ADM

Additionally, ADM occupies a leading role as a nutrition provider on the path to sustainable agriculture. We support regional farmers in growing more non-GMO soy to meet the current and growing demand to meet the needs of our customers and their consumers. ADM is a co-founder of Fields of Europe, established in 2019. It acts as a framework for verifying European origin, sustainability and non-GMO origin of arable crops, feed and food products all the way through the supply chain.

 ADM’s European-grown soy protein concentrate is a quality plant-based protein featuring:

  • Non-GMO raw material
  • Certified IP Program
  • Grown in Europe (Partner of Fields of Europe)
  • Produced in Europe in ADM facility in Europoort in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
  • ISCC Certified (ISCC is a global sustainability certification system for all feedstocks)
ADM Logo

 ADM is also committed to sustainability and strives to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (25 % by 2035), reduce energy intensity (15% by 2035), use less water (10%) and produce 90% less waste – to be beneficially reused, recycled or otherwise diverted from landfill by 2035.

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