• Baileys Almande: Vegan Cream Liqueur Breaks into New Markets

    “We’ll never be this young again!” is something older ladies like to exclaim over a liqueur. But cream liqueurs are not a dusty niche product. That has become especially apparent with the introduction of Baileys Almande – a cream liqueur that appeals to the rather younger target group of healthy and vegan consumers. In an interview with the PR department of Diageo Germany, we learned more about the (vegan) developments in the company.

    How have the sales of vegan Baileys been developing since its introduction?

    Diageo is very satisfied with the initial sales and turnover since its launch. Overall, contrary to the mixed performance of the German spirits market, the liqueur segment developed very positively with an increase in sales of +8.6 % (1). The Baileys brand continues to have the best market share ranges. With an impressive market share of +30.8 % (2), Baileys continues to position itself as the most popular brand in the cream liqueur segment and can celebrate great success on the German market with a +6.1 % (3) increase in sales compared to the previous year. This development proves strong brand loyalty and high customer loyalty, which has rewarded Baileys for years with continuously excellent quality and attractive innovations.

    With the introduction of Baileys Almande, Diageo is targeting new target groups. Over 36 million consumers are so-called Healthy Lifestylers/Eaters, who buy lactose-free or vegan products, for example. Diageo has been observing this trend for some time now and is also tapping into the vegan lifestyle trend with the new product Baileys Almande.

    Maren Herrmann, Senior Innovation & Commercialisation Manager, says: “We have already received many inquiries from German consumers following the launch of Bailey’s Almande in the USA. Finally we can offer the growing vegan community in Germany a delicious alternative. In Veganz and their loyal community, we found the perfect partner for the launch of the limited edition last year. Baileys Almande was very well received by vegan buyers. The sales figures are promising; within a very short time we have already been able to inspire many to buy again. We want to win the ‘Healthy Lifestyler’ over and thus further expand the success of our traditional brand Baileys this year. The primary aim here is to reach the target group of ‘conscious connoisseurs’ – people who consciously select their food and beverages, but don’t want to forego enjoyment in life.”

    “Treat yourself to a moment of pleasure with Baileys” is our motto, because whether you are vegan or not, Baileys Almande offers all Baileys lovers (and those who want to become one) a summery, light alternative that also works perfectly in a cocktail.

    (1) Nielsen MarketTrack, Category: Liqueurs Brands, turnover in € thousand, LEH+DM+C&C, Period Ending: W 2018 13 Top 10 Charts, MAT.

    (2) & (3) Nielsen MarketTrack, Liquer GER Report Mar ́, GER LEH+DM+C&C, MAT.

    Which channels is the product sold through?
    Since March 2018, Baileys Almande has also been available in German food stores and wholesalers. Previously, the limited 750 ml Baileys Almande bottle (13% by volume) was exclusively available in the Veganz online shop at shop.veganz.de and in three selected Veganz stores in Berlin – Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg. Of course, the new Baileys Almande is still available there despite its introduction in food retailers and wholesalers. Veganz began as the first vegan supermarket chain in Europe and now produces over 170 of its own purely plant-based products. The company is committed to “sustainable, conscious and tasty at the same time” and is therefore the perfect partner for Baileys Almande.

    How do you promote the vegan Baileys?
    The product launch was comprehensively supported by target-group-specific samplings, PoS productions and extensive print and online campaigns, and will continue to be promoted by various initiatives in OFF-Trade.

    Will you be launching more vegan Baileys?
    Currently there are no new vegan Baileys variants planned. As soon as there are new developments, we will be glad to inform you and your readers.

    What about other vegan products from DIAGEO’s range? (How vegan is DIAGEO already?)
    With the introduction of Baileys Almande, we would like to embrace the trend towards vegan lifestyles and appeal to the target group of so-called Healthy Lifestylers/Eaters, who buy lactose-free or vegan products, for example. If in the future we bring another product on the market tailored to this target group, we will let you know.

    How to enjoy Baileys Almande (serving suggestions)

    1. Bailey’s Almande on Ice


    • 40 ml Baileys Almande
    • Ice cubes

    Pour ice into a glass and fill it up with Baileys Almande.

    2. Bailey’s Almande Coconut


    • 40 ml Baileys Almande
    • 80 ml coconut water
    • Ice cubes

    Pour ice into a glass and add the Baileys Almande and coconut water.

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