Before The Butcher: “In five years we will be a well-known international brand.”

Consumers now have a wide range of products to choose from if they are looking for plant-based meat alternatives. Nevertheless, there are some companies and products that consumers repeatedly highlight on social media. One of these companies is “Before the Butcher”, with its B4 Burger. The American company’s mission is “universal acceptance of plant proteins”. We interviewed Danny O’Malley – President of Before the Butcher – about this mission and the current status of the company.

How is your economical situation as the moment?
We are stable with our current investor. We are well established with customers in the western part of the USA and moving quickly eastward.

Your vision is universal acceptance for plant-based proteins. Why are you focussing beyond the “normal veganist”?
Yes, we would all love to see universal acceptance for plant-based proteins. Our focus is geared toward education starting at our schools. Creating an understanding of the value of our products on larger scale than just the health benefits. Sustainability, protecting our environment, animal welfare… all a part of our focus.

Where are you distributing your products at the moment?
We are currently distributing on the western part of the US.

How are you promoting your products to investors, wholesalers and later on to the consumer?
Through trade publications, social media, trade show events. local events and local media. Grass roots and all hands on deck approach.

At the moment you’re offering a burger, chicken, beef and pork. Are there further products planned in 2018?
Yes, we are in the final stages of development on breakfast sausage patty. We are also developing a hot dog.

What are the business plans for “Before the Butcher” over the next 5 years?
We will continue to expand across the US in foodservice. We have already begun discussion with various exporters for International expansion in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Canada and Australia. We plan to break into retail in early 2019. Partnerships are a possibility in the future, as well. 5 years from now we will be a well recognized international

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