Cheese the Queen: “We are Creating a New Gourmet Culture!”

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Bulgarian cheese producers Cheese the Queen are participating in the ProVeg incubator program and are taking extraordinary steps in promoting their products. We spoke with founder Vera Tinkova about the current situation and their future plans.

What makes your cheese alternatives so unique?
Cheese the Queen is creating a New Gourmet Culture! Delicious plant-based cheese that has both gourmet and probiotic qualities. Cheese the Queen’s products consist of a completely unique probiotic mix, packed with Lactobacillus Bulgaricus from my home country Bulgaria – where food fermentation runs deep through our history.

Our goal is to bring great food to great people, with holistic and gourmet qualities by creating a product that satisfies the contemporary lifestyle and environmental needs. Our cultured, 100% cashew nut products are handmade with wholesome love, cruelty-free passion, and a long ageing process.

Probiotics + nuts + fermentation + ageing = Cheese the Queen.

We’re innovating and changing the way the world sees (and enjoys) cheese. As a fresh new company with a fresh new future and functional foods mindset, we’re driven by passion and purpose – delivering the gift of wholesome food while solving the lactose-intolerance epidemic. All our production is organic certified and consists of only pure cashews, probiotic cultures, herbs & spices delivering flavour explosions and encouraging superior health. And as a bonus we have a long shelf life, because as our cheese ages it gets even better.

Together with the Queen, we believe in shaping a more sustainable and healthy gourmet culture through delicious, wholesome plant-based cheese that’s organic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and made with care.

What is your current product range, what will come next?
We thought that life would be boring for a Queen if she has the same mood day after day. So every day Cheese the Queen has a new story to tell. We’ve started with three moods. We are entering the market with these three flavors and have more to offer when the time comes. These are our three fabulous flavour fusions:

The Classic taste is for the Queen’s mornings and her excellent mood. Fabulously fermented, rich and full of flavour. It is perfect for breakfast and pairs perfectly with everything from fruits & veggies to jams and desserts. In addition it can be grilled or used as a base for sauces.

The Green version goes to the Queen’s afternoons when she is in her wild mood. This particular one is full of surprises. It’s fresh yet tangy…bold yet subtle. Uniquely blended with chives and dusted with fresh green pepper. This delicacy adds a new dimension to every plate.

The Yellow one is representing the Queen in her nights when she is in an inspiring mood. We were imagining a time when the appetite runs rampant for more exotic spices and smoky taste. Our Yellow aged bliss is offering an extra spark with turmeric and smoky paprika.

Do you already sell your products?
Yes, we are selling our products in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. We have been on the market since springtime this year. Last year we worked only with restaurants & expos in different countries because we wanted to test how the people respond to the product. After this period we are ready to enter bigger markets in 2019. 

Which targets groups do you want to address with your products?
Our goal is to bring Cheese the Queen to every corner of the world, helping humanity live a happier, cleaner, cruelty-free lifestyle – while preserving the only planet we have to call home. Therefore, the product is excellent for everyone who wants to make a smooth transition to a plant-based lifestyle or curious for new a taste experience. It is perfect for vegans or people who are lactose-intolerant, though our customers are mostly flexitarians and people who love gourmet & healthy food.

What kind of partners are you looking for?
We are looking for partners in the German market, particularly shops, restaurants, caterers, retailers and distributors. As part of the ProVeg Incubator I am based in Berlin now and will focus on our positioning within this market in the future months. We are also in discussion with investment partners for raising our next round in order to scale into the rest of Europe.

You have been in the incubator now for a few weeks, what is your experience?
The ProVeg Incubator is an inspiring place to work from. We are among eleven innovative startups that aim to transform the global food culture for the better. Also, we are fully supported by the ProVeg team for our growth and success. We’ve already participated in many presentations and tasting events where we have received highly positive feedback.

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