Divadi: “Our Vision is to Increase Vital Energy and Promote High-Vibe Living”

DIVADI is an emerging eco-friendly company creating vegan energy shoes, promoting a philosophy of mindful, “ignited” living.  DIVADI (which means “go and go” in Vietnamese) has a vision is to help raise the collective energy and leave the world a better place.

What is your current portfolio?
Our larger vision is creating a wellness lifestyle brand of content and clothes designed to increase vital energy and promote high-vibrational living. The current portfolio is a fashion forward inspired energy sneaker range.

What is your USP?
DIVADI is a new visionary lifestyle brand of vegan designer shoes that is created with the sole purpose of inspiring you to live an #ignitedlife.

We are committed to creating a new kind of consumer experience that helps you build up your life vitality and energy inside and out so you can live your life feeling tuned in and turned on. For the outer game, our Energy Insoles are made of super comfortable memory foam that activates your energies with the power of the Flower of Life, which is printed on the K1 acupressure zone, an area known to increase life force. And for your inner game, we have monthly energy dives, tapping you deeper into different energies that can help benefit and vitalize your life.

Our goal is to be a spreader of sunshine; a conductor of good energy. When you put good energy in, good energy comes out. Being passionately vegan, planting a tree for each pair sold, working with a fair factory, using natural, locally raised rubber highlights our belief that we are all connected, and what goes around comes around. If we start with good intentions we pass on good vibes, and the cycle of sunshine starts.

In which countries do you already sell DIVADI and in which regions are you looking for new partners?
We started in Summer 2018 and we are currently active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium, looking to expand into new European markets such as Scandinavia and UK. We are having test trials in North America and Asia.

What will be the next innovations?
We will be putting our energy to expand the product range with new and interesting constructions, new designs and innovative materials. These will include sandals, boots, MaryJanes, retro runners, etc. We are currently creating “shoe jewels” – removable clip on jewelry to dress up your shoe or your clothes, featuring energy-infused crystals and brass metal for a high-vibrational feel that completes the DIVADI “wellthy” lifestyle look of feeling good, looking good, doing good.

How will the vegan shoe segment develop over the next years?
The continued proliferation of vegan and plant-based business and developments demonstrate that this movement is just getting started in making its mark – and DIVADI is leading the way. Vegan fashion is cited as a major trend for 2019, one in which growing number of consumers will continue to demand sustainable and ethical products. The plant-based revolution is here to stay and DIVADI will make sure the vegan shoe walks in step with this trend.

DIVADI’s vision is to help people align their energy inside, (with our online tools and coming app) and outside with our DivadiChi Energy Insoles so that you can walk, #ignited, inspired and high-vibe, spreading the good energy that we use to create our shoes. Call it sole-karma 🙂

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