Dr. Oetker Offers Wide Range of Vegan Products

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Because of the ingredients it uses, over 100 products from Dr. Oetker’s range are suitable for the vegan diet, including its processing aids where applicable. Currently, only one product is actively marketed as vegan, as Dr. Oetker explains in an interview.

How vegan-friendly is Dr. Oetker currently, and how big is its range of vegan products?
Dr. Oetker recognised the trend towards a vegetarian diet early on by listening closely to the consumer. In all product ranges, we therefore offer vegetarian and, in the areas of nutrition and freshness, also vegan products from which interested customers can choose.

Our cream VEGA, a vegan creme fraiche for cooking and refining, is currently the only product in the range which is actively marketed as vegan and therefore carries the V-seal from the German Vegetarian Federation. In addition, a variety of other Dr. Oetker products are suitable for the vegan diet due to their ingredients. These include Original Baking Powder, Original Vanilla Flavour Pudding and Red Fruit Jelly (500g, chilled).

Using these products, our Dr. Oetker Test Kitchen has also developed a series of vegan recipes which can be found on our website:

Dr. Oetker bases its product development above all on the wishes of consumers, which we determine regularly using sensory tests. We consider these results, as well as current trends, in the development of new products.

What new vegan products can be expected in 2018?
We assume that the vegan diet will continue to be of interest to some consumers. This means that we will regularly review the development of other vegan products in all our ranges. However, we are currently unable to make a concrete statement about future vegan product innovations.

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