ForGood: “We Are Committed to Doing Everything in Our Power to End Animal Suffering”

When international footballer Chris Smalling, brand builder Rebecca Wheeler, and vegan investor Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni realized their values aligned, the three game-changers came together to launch ForGood, a new sustainability-focused VC consultancy with a global vision. 

“We can go beyond setting benchmarks, and take real action, putting our money where our mouth is – to drive real change,” Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni

On the hunt for disruptive, high-growth business ideas working to address climate change, ForGood is a purpose-driven collective of investors committed to scaling ideas to build a better future. We spoke with all three ForGood founders to find out more about what drives them and what type of businesses catch their eye. 

What is the original story behind ForGood VC consultancy?
Rebecca: It all began when Chris and I met through my work at Library – working across campaigns for plant-based and purpose-driven food, drink, and lifestyle brands. We introduced him to impactful brands, started investing in them, and were then inspired to build Chris’ journey into a business.

We designed ForGood to offer other Changemakers bespoke opportunities in our exciting sector, and brought Sebastiano into the business to support us and ForGood was born. As well as our values being aligned, we all have the same vision to invest in transformational businesses and our combined experiences make it a really powerful and impactful proposition.

Rebecca Wheeler, Partner at ForGood
Rebecca Wheeler, Partner at ForGood, image supplied

What kind of markets will ForGood look to target? What traits do you look for in a business?
Sebastiano: We’re focused on ideas that tackle social and environmental issues – obviously food & beverage, but also technology at large. From plant-based ice cream and alternatives to dairy to agri-tech innovations and climate tech.

“We all want to subvert the way things work, change habits and evolve how we as a species think”

When it comes to traits, we want to see growth, product-market fit and very importantly an authentic mission, backed by the founder’s personal story and the ‘why’ behind what they’re building. For food and drink products we always try everything we invest in too, and they have to taste extraordinary!

What synergies are there between ForGood and your various other businesses?
Sebastiano: There are so many – we all want to subvert the way things work, change habits and evolve how we as a species think and perceive what we eat, use and do every day. Aiming at removing animals from the supply chain is our main and most powerful shared goal. I’m fortunate to be involved in lots of projects and ForGood very much compliments them.

Chris Smalling, image supplied

What does it signify to work with a high-profile athlete like Chris Smalling?
Sebastiano: Chris is unstoppable – he’s an incredible athlete and human being. His influence and status are powerful not only on the pitch but also off it, and being able to partner with him is very exciting. It really elevates everything we’re doing to an even greater level and it’s great that he’s so dedicated to making a difference.

“Chris is unstoppable – he’s an incredible athlete and human being”

What role can organizations like ForGood play in the climate and food supply crisis?
Sebastiano: Every company and individual has a responsibility to look after our planet and have an impact and we can do our best to set an example. We can go beyond setting benchmarks, and take real action, putting our money where our mouth is – to drive real change. People say money can’t solve problems in the world, but we can certainly drive change and have an impact in the right places by backing the right mission-aligned entrepreneurs.


What is ForGood’s 5-year strategy?
Chris: Our ultimate goal is to transform the world for the better. We are committed to doing everything in our power to end animal suffering and inspire and support a new generation of entrepreneurs and businesses. Over the upcoming years we plan to expand our Changemaker community, grow our portfolio and build out our brand consultancy offering, which Rebecca and her team will head up.

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