• Fritz Horstmann: “My Clients Eat Healthy, Have a Flexible Approach and Reach Their Goals.”

    People working in highly responsible positions (so called high-achievers) often have limited time to think about healthy nutrition orget enough exercise. In such situations, a personal trainer can support you with focused information and detailed plans. In his “GameChanger Academy” young entrepreneur Fritz Horstmann assists his international clients on their way to a healthier, plant-based nutrition, adequate exercises and sustainable muscle growth. We have interviewed Fritz on the most common myths, his concept and the most important things while following a diet.

    Could you please explain to our readers what service you offer?
    I help vegans transform their bodies, lose fat and build muscle, to be more confident and have a lasting impact on the world!

    High-carb, low-carb, high-fat, a lot of proteins, etc. – there are several confusing opinions on the perfect diet. What concept are you working with? 
    It’s indeed very confusing for people. This information overflow paralyzes people from actually taking action & start moving towards their dream body.

    I personally focus on goals, fun and sustainability. Do what is fun to you and at the same time sustainable. That’s where low-carb falls short, you can’t tell me it’s fun to never eat rice, bread, pasta, beans or ice cream again (laughing).

    When it comes to goals, if you want to become fit, you need more protein & carbs, than a sedentary person! I am a big fan of a good balance of protein, carbs & fats, so that you achieve your goals, but don’t have to restrict yourself too much. My clients eat healthy, but occasionally pizza, ice cream etc and just have a flexible approach.

    Why do you focus on a plant-based nutrition and muscle building?
    Because it has the biggest impact. With a plant-based diet you’ll get in the best shape of your life, while saving the environment & thousands of lives. Then you’ll feel powerful & confident in your own body and you’ll inspire the people around you and as cheesy as it sounds, change the world. You’ll also recover better from exercise & give your brain what it needs to perform, so basically there is literally 0 reasons not to do it!

    Imagine a domino Game; where when one domino falls, others fall as well. Start with yourself, with your body & start a positive chain reaction that’ll positively change every aspect of your life!

    High-achievers are often people with limited time. On the other side, most diets and muscle building concepts are very time-consuming, complicated and can be unsuitable for everyday life. What is your concept?
    Absolutely! Firstly a high-achiever should realize, that your body is a temple that you’ll live in for the rest of your life. How you feel in your body & how you perform will influence everything! Doesn’t matter how motivated you are to change the world or to be more succesfull, if your body is not in the right place, you’ll struggle down the line!

    My approach makes sure that you achieve your goal with the available resources you have. With a few, small changes you can achieve a lot! You don’t have to workout 6x per week or eat 6 meals a day to get fit. You don’t even have to meal prep! A client of mine works in the real estate business in New York, only eats out and still lost 8 pounds of fat in just a few weeks.

    What are the most common mistakes high-achievers make regarding a healthy diet?
    Most think they have to do everything perfectly right, because they come from a successful business background! They focus on all the details that don’t move the needle and lose themselves in that.

    What are the major myths regarding sports and nutrition many people believe in?
    There are a lot, for example:

    • ”Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”
    • “You have to do cardio to lose fat”
    • “You need meat to build muscle”
    • “Eating carbs after 7pm will make you fat”
    • “Carbs are the devil!”
    • For women: “Resistance training will make you bulky & manly”

    I could go on and on (laughs).

    How can interested people book you and your support?
    My 1-on-1 coaching is only for people that want to transform their body, have a lasting impact & are searching for fun. If you feel that applies to you, then you can click this link, fill out the application form and I’ll give you a call to see if you fit to join the coaching.

    Which advice would you like to give to our readers?
    For most of you reading this time is precious! Coaching is a possibility to buy time and reach your goals faster & more effectively. Let’s make gains and save the planet!

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