Functional Remedies & Dr. Joel Kahn: “I Stopped Eating Animal Foods at Age 18 to Survive and Learned That I Felt Amazing on Plant-Based Foods”

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Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world with remnants of hemp cloth found in Mesopotamia (currently Iraq and Iran) dating back to 8,000 BC. Though the US history of hemp use does not date back that far, the first recorded use of hemp in the colonies dates to the 17th century. However, until the 2018 Farm Bill was signed, hemp cultivation in America was prohibited for nearly a century. This complete overhaul of the law made it legal for farmers to once again grow, process, and sell hemp commercially and legalized nationwide use. 

We spoke to Andrew Campbell, the CEO of Functional Remedies, about the company’s perfection of its proprietary hemp plants, its unique control from farm to cultivation to finished products using vertical integration, and the nutritional benefits of the phytonutrients in, Synchronicity, its full-spectrum oil.

Functional Remedies’ newest Brand Ambassador, the plant-based cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, also described the integration of Holistic Cardiology into his practice, how he became the founder of a vegan restaurant, and his love of the benefits Functional Remedies offers his patients.

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Please introduce Functional Remedies to our readers and describe its history and mission. 
Functional Remedies has been developing the genetics of our plant and hand-pressed infusion process of our oil for over two decades.  We have made all this effort to deliver our customers the most efficacious hemp oil on the planet. Everything we have done and continue to do is with consumers at the center of all our thinking and actions.  We have developed a new branding proposition, Synchronicity, and have introduced new products that speak directly to our customers and meet their needs throughout their days and nights. Our mission, or our “why,” is straight forward; we exist to help people by bringing them healing qualities of the hemp plant.  Our “how” is by creating the most efficacious hemp oil on the planet, and our “what” are the various form factors (tinctures, capsules, etc.) that act as delivery mechanisms for our full-spectrum oil and all its healing properties.            

Please explain to our readers how full-spectrum hemp oil can support and enhance their wellness. 
Our full-spectrum hemp oil works in concert with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) by enhancing its ability to function properly.  The human body naturally makes cannabinoids, but unfortunately, at times, it doesn’t make the amount the ESC requires, that’s where our full-spectrum hemp oil comes into play; it replenishes the body of its cannabinoid deficiencies.  The ESC works with all the other systems in the human body (immune, nervous, respiratory, sensory, cardiovascular, etc.) and helps them work more efficiently.  So our full-spectrum hemp oil makes the ECS system work better, and the ESC system makes all your other systems work better- all of this leads to a healthier, more balanced human.      

What are the benefits of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil versus CBD?  The easiest way to put it is, ‘Would you rather have freshly squeezed orange juice or frozen concentrate?  Our full-spectrum hemp oil is freshly squeezed orange juice.  CBD is only one cannabinoid that the hemp plant offers; our oil offers over 100 cannabinoids, along with other nutrients: terpenes and flavonoids.  Additionally, to get the CBD isolate, companies burn and mangle the plant.  We use a gentle hand pressed method to slowly infuse our hemp oil into MCT oil that produces the most bioavailable product on the market.

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Have you seen an increased interest in your hemp oil products since the outbreak of COVID-19? 
Yes, we have.  Yesterday the National Institute of Health (NIH), an organization we have been working with for years, asked us to participate in a working group regarding Covid-19. This will entail a series of calls with scientists discussing ideas and findings around this topic. 

Functional Remedies is the only hemp company to receive three Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certifications. Please describe what this achievement means.  
It demonstrates to our customers the care we use throughout our growing and manufacturing processes to deliver the most efficacious and safest product to their bodies.  We are all about quality and safety, and we spare no expense to ensure these two points.  Additionally, we have an NSF certification and are well down the path in obtaining our ISO 9001 certification (the highest international standard involving the manufacturing of the forms we sell).

You recently announced your partnership with Dr. Joel Kahn as the company’s new Brand Ambassador. How did this relationship develop?  
We are thrilled to have Dr. Kahn as part of the Functional Remedies family and team.  We met Dr. Kahn a few years back, and he was gracious enough to try our products, and he noticed the difference with his patients immediately.  Partnering with Dr. Kahn is another example of how Functional Remedies demonstrates its laser focus on quality, purity, and potency.  Dr. Kahn only associates with first-class organizations, and we are honored and grateful to have his vote of confidence. 

Dr. Joel Kahn, Cardiologist & Brand Ambassador:

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You describe yourself as a Holistic Cardiologist. Please explain to our readers how your treatment differs from a typical Cardiologist.
The inside joke is that a holistic doctor sees patients with a “whole list” of questions and problems. But more formally, “holistic” is interchangeable with functional, integrative, or natural. It is a training in cardiology that is quite rare so far that focuses on the root causes of illness and the whole person. Traditional cardiology makes a diagnosis of high blood pressure. Holistic cardiology inquiries about diet, sleep, fitness, stress, toxins at home and work, allergies, food intolerances, trauma, genetics, and silent infections. By diving deeper into causes of disease, some people can receive a natural therapy that corrects the underlying issue and avoids a prescription drug for life or a procedure or surgery. 

You are considered one of the world’s top cardiologists. Do you attribute that to your focus on using plant-based nutrition as preventative medicine?
I had a heart murmur as an infant, a noise the doctor heard, and began seeing a pediatric cardiologist from my earliest days. It proved to be more of a scare to my parents than any serious issue, but it put me in contact with heart specialists all of my youth. I was fascinated by the smells, noises, technology, and concerns the medical team expressed. By age ten, if you asked me my career plans, I would answer “cardiology.” Another coincidence is that in my first week in undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, the dormitory food was so miserable, but the salad bar was amazing. I stopped eating animal foods at age 18 to survive and learned that I felt amazing on plant-based foods. I merged the two events in my medical training and strived to be the best in class in traditional training but also to further my new interest in nutrition. The final piece to the puzzle was three weeks after I began my first position teaching and practicing aggressive cardiology, a major research study was published showing that plant-based diets could reverse heart disease. I looked to the left and saw balloons and stents that I was using to reverse blockages, and I looked right at my fork and spoon being used only on plant meals, and I merged the two to practice what I called “Interpreventional” cardiology. I might need to put in a stent, but you were also going to get a lecture on nutrition, prevention, and plant-based recipes. It has been a wonderful combination. 

What interested you in becoming the Brand Ambassador for Functional Remedies?
I have strict criteria for sharing my name and energies with a project. Is there strong science? Are there high standards of quality? Are there passionate people? Can this help people?  When I visited Functional Remedies and met the team, I saw how the product was made with love and vertical integration, how the quality and certifications were of the highest standards and heard the testimonials of people that worked for the company and many of my patients, I was hooked. I have a passion for helping people improve their lives with safe and natural approaches. Functional Remedies is simply the best in class, and I am so proud to be on board.

What motivated you to open your Detroit-based GreenSpace & Go plant-based eatery?
I was lecturing all over the USA about the benefits of a plant diet for decades, but when I got back to Detroit, the choices of going out for a healthy meal consistent with my lectures were very limited. My son Daniel had restaurant experience and an MBA, and we sat down to consider a variety of food-related business plans and franchises. Ultimately, we laid out a plan to open a high-quality plant-based cafe to dine in or carry out. We strived to teach our guests the pleasures of fresh foods, prepared to order, and emphasizing quality, taste, and health. The response has been strong and joyful, and we have a “lab” to change options and lives by opening minds and mouths. 

Your goal is to prevent all future heart attacks. If you can accomplish the task, what would be your next ‘dream job’?
I am living my dream job. I am over 60 years old but jump out of bed every day excited to take on the challenges. If I could prevent all heart attacks, I would focus on aging. Aging is considered a natural process and not a disease. Yet all the common diseases that rob us of joy and health, like cancer and heart disease, are much more common as we age. We are learning the basic mechanisms of aging and developing ways to intervene to avoid the chronic deterioration that may rob us of our dignity in our later years. Imagine feeling good and energetic at 70, 80, or 90 years old!  It can be a reality, and I am excited to be part of it. Using the highest quality natural products like Functional Remedies is part of that process. ‘Farm, not Pharma’ is the answer, and being part of this team is a dream come true.



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