Lallemand Bio Ingredients: “We Provide High Value Yeast Ingredients to Key Players in the Plant-Based Marketplace”

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients, a yeast specialist based in Canada, follows a customer-centric strategy and strengthens its business relationships worldwide by visiting several expositions and summits. We spoke to Greg Erdei, Business Development Manager – Plant Based Nutrition, about customer relationships and yeast extracts that bring an umami taste profile to plant-based products.

Who is Lallemand and what does the company stand for in the plant-based sector?
Lallemand Bio-Ingredients (LBI) is first and foremost a customer orientated yeast company – we are a dedicated and loyal supporter of our customer base. Within the Savory segment, we provide high-value yeast-based ingredients to food and flavours producers – many of which are either key players or startups in the plant-based marketplace.

What is Lallemand’s plant-based range?
We develop, produce and commercialize basically two main categories: Inactive Yeast (aka. nutritional) and Yeast Extracts. Within these product categories, we have an extensive line of yeast and fractions from a broad range of yeast strains. Our yeast extracts may contribute / complement specific flavours and/or round-off existing flavour bases. Those specific flavouring profiles are also expressed as UMAMI taste and KOKUMI sensations. Our natural ingredients complement and enrich the food profile by donating mouthfulness and long-lasting flavour perceptions.

Savor-Lyfe® – image courtesy of Lallemand

Recently, we’ve been developing yeast-extract composed flavour bases, such as Savor-Lyfe® CB and FB. The typical meaty, thus from vegan origin, yeast extract flavour profile is elaborated to contribute more specifically to the poultry / marine taste of plant-based foods. Additionally, we have a special emphasis on developing products that meet Non-GMO Project Verified status, which is an important criterion for the North American market.

Why should interested companies choose Lallemand?
We have a devoted sales and technical support team, many of which are focused and inspired by the plant-based movement. We are keen to discuss and review with developers, in order to make appropriate product recommendations from our vast line of product offers.  

Which plant-based innovations will be launched in 2022?
As one of the most diverse producers of yeast strains, we have excelled through strain selection at developing high protein yeast – suitable as a clean tasting/allergen free alternative protein.

Toravita® – image courtesy of Lallemand

Where can customers discover Lallemand’s products?
Lallemand Bio-Ingredients will be exhibiting at the following major venues in 2022: IFT Chicago (July 11-13) and FIE Paris (Dec. 6-8).  

In June, we are sponsoring the Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Europe organized by Bridge2Food in the Netherlands.

In which continents do you have contact persons?
We have dedicated sales teams or committed distributors on 5 continents. The easiest way to contact us is by filling the form on our website, we will be redirecting the requests to the correct business team according to the request location.

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