Lallemand: “The Plant-Based Market is Moving Forward Rapidly, and Innovation is Key”

Anne-Marie Gendreau is a Canadian pastry chef and food scientist. She is the North American Applied R&D team leader at Lallemand Bio-Ingredients. Anne-Marie is known for her ability to develop formulations and provide customized support across a broad range of food product categories. She embraces the challenge and variety in making plant-based savory applications or sweeter plant-based developments.

Can you highlight some of the unique properties of Lallemand’s plant-based ingredients and how they contribute to the quality of plant-based products?
Recently, we’ve been developing yeast extract-composed flavor bases, Savor-Lyfe® CI is the latest addition to the product line. The typical meaty yeast extract flavor profile is elaborated to contribute more specifically to the poultry flavor of plant-based foods.

Lallemand's cream cheese with bagel
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How does Lallemand approach innovation in the development of specialty ingredients for plant-based products?
The plant-based market is moving forward rapidly, and innovation is key to developing a unique product. As plant-based food and beverage products evolve so does the demand for specialty ingredients. This is a product category that faces many challenges. Plant-based innovators aim to deliver better taste, texture, and nutrition.

“Together, we shape the future of taste”

There’s a growing consumer demand for clean labels. It is important to be predictive and innovative in meeting the industries’ evolving challenges. Recognizing challenges, embracing change, and being proactive by developing customer-oriented solutions are what drives innovation at Lallemand.

In what ways does Lallemand support its customers in customizing and optimizing plant-based formulations for taste, texture, and nutritional profile?
From inspired culinary scientists to process expert scientists, our global team of food professionals may support you and your plant-based product development. Our customers are at the core of our developments. We share knowledge and work together to ensure our products meet their unique needs. Together, we shape the future of taste.

Lallemand at Plant Based World Expo
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What are some key challenges that food production companies typically face when transitioning to plant-based alternatives, and how does Lallemand assist in overcoming these challenges?
There are many challenges associated with developing plant-based food products, particularly around protein off-notes, creating savory perception, fattiness, juiciness, and of course, building a natural vegan meaty profile.

Our Torula yeast-based, natural ingredients are great tools for flavor houses and plant-based product developers, to modulate the perception of protein’s undesirable notes. Masking creates a neutral base on which the product developer may build in taste, juiciness, and aromas. By masking, this limits the sugar, salt, spices, or the flavoring usage. We are addressing dietary concerns and the need for more naturalness among customers.

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