MyEy: “The Demand for Vegan Products and Egg Replacements is Constantly Increasing”

The vegan egg market has started to expand across the past couple of years, with products such as JUST Egg and TheVegg exploding with popularity. In Europe, there is another alternative called MyEy; an egg substitute that is in no way inferior to poultry eggs in terms of colour, taste and properties. We talked to Chris Geiser – master confectioner & baker and inventor of MyEy – about the “plant egg”.

What was the motivation behind launching MyEy?
On the world market there were already many vegetable products, such as vegetable meat, vegetable sausage, vegetable cheese and vegetable milk, but a vegetable egg was missing, because banana, apple puree and so on are no substitute for people who still consume animal eggs. More and more parents do not want to administer animal eggs to their children anymore, top athletes appreciate the power of plants, older people avoid cholesterol or animal fat. Animal eggs are among the high risk factors alongside fish, which is why the industry is also interested in plant alternatives in order to produce products that are safer and more environmentally friendly.

What is the current situation in your company?
The demand for vegan products and egg replacements is constantly increasing. In the meantime, there are a number of products on whose packaging the word “egg substitute” appears. However, a genuine egg replacement product can be expected to offer the full range of functionality – to include colour, taste and, of course, the typical full whipping capacity. MyEy is therefore still the only solution for many. The MyEy also offers all three varieties: VollEy, EyWeiß and EyGelb – a real vegetable egg. MyEy is available in most European countries. Made in Austria but exports up to Australia.

Which distribution channels do you currently use for marketing?
Nearly all well-known vegan mail order companies list MyEy among their top brands and supply vegan webshops as well as the specialist trade quickly and with good advice. We focus on QA and product development and our partners have good logistics. We supply processors directly and estimate that with the MyEy magic formula ‘1+5 = Ey’ (1 part by weight of MyEy + 5 parts by weight of water) the vegan egg can really be prepared fresh.

How is the market for vegan egg alternatives developing?
We have been present at the largest organic trade fairs for years and cook live – including MyEy Eyerspeise, MyEy Eyerbiskuit and airy foam masses. This year we were for the first time at IBA – the world’s largest trade fair for bakery products – and were overwhelmed by the international response. Many countries are opening up in which parts of the population traditionally do not eat poultry eggs.

Are there any new developments you have planned for 2019?
At the moment we would like to maintain the good quality of our MyEy products and keep them at a high level at an acceptable price, even with increasing demand.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?
Still well positioned with steady growth, because as long as millions of chicken eggs are still consumed, there is still a lot to do. In the medium term, an animal product tax will have to be introduced so that the cost truth for environmental resources is reflected in the price – this also calls for political responsibility. Of course MyEy, like other companies, also has an interest in growing. A constant observation of the market and a targeted reaction to it should keep MyEy on the road to success.

What does MyEy consist of?
MyEy consists of a mixture of vegetable proteins (pea, potato, etc.), spices and mineral salts. Of course you can find the exact ingredients on the product and on the homepage Neither chemical emulsifiers nor dyes are used, because they would also be forbidden – all MyEy products have been certified organic since the beginning.

And just let go of the egg?
Then let the egg go with a fried egg (laughs)! A banana is no more a substitute for an egg than a carrot is a substitute for a grill sausage. And if applesauce were really an egg substitute, would there still be millions of chickens in cages? The only remedy is a product that covers the entire spectrum of functionality. MyEy is a universal kitchen and bakery aid for shape, colour and taste and combines the entire spectrum of baking and cooking properties. From foam masses, baking, bandages, loosening to real vegan egg dishes and fried eggs.



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