Naturli’: “Plant-Based Foods are the Future and the Future is Now.”

For a long time, the meat industry has effectively been plundering the world. Overconsumption of animal products has led to overfishing, unilateral land management and a huge waste of resources. One could almost say that the balance of the world has been destroyed. But change is happening. For example, the Danish company Naturli’ wants to use its plant-based products to bring the world back into balance. In an interview with Henrik Lund, we learned more about this mission.

What does Naturli’ stand for?
In everything we do, we strive to help restore the balance between nature and man. We believe that every step in the right direction counts, and that is why we take pride in helping the vegan, the flexitarian or just your everyday omnivore make plant-based choices in the food aisle. Our goal is to deliver 100% plant-based foods that taste amazing.

What products do you offer?
Our product range here in Denmark is without a doubt the widest. On a global scale, we’re focusing on introducing two products – our Naturli’ Minced, which is a plant-based fresh alternative to ground beef, and our Spreadable, which is a 1:1 replacement for butter.

What countries do you sell your products in?
Our Minced and Spreadable are being sold in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Australia. We’ll soon be launching in Norway and Switzerland.

Which big retailers offer your products?
In the UK, we’re in 400 Sainsbury’s stores, and in Australia it’s Woolworth’s.

What new Naturli’ products will we see in 2018?
We’re constantly innovating. Not a day goes by without us having a thousand ideas thrown up into the air. We’re always looking to challenge the way people think about plant-based foods.

Where will Naturli’ be in five years?
We will be even more innovative within the plant-based category. Naturli will be present in most of Europe and will have entered the States with our innovations.

PHW/Wiesenhof, Tysons, Danone, Nestlé – many companies have invested in plant-based offers. What impact will the global plant-based food trend have on the food industry?
Plant-based foods are the future, and the future is now. I think we’ll be witnessing an industry willing to adapt to the demands of their customers. We’re seeing much more than just a trend – it’s a new standard.

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