O’Greens: “We Endeavour to Create Products Which Complement the Daily Nutritional Needs of People in the Modern World”

O-Greens, based in Aurangabad India, is a producer of vegan nutrition bars with the principles of Ayurvedic medicine in mind, with the mission “to impact millions of lives, inspire people to make the right food choices, and create a shift for the entire planet to turn vegan.”

We were pleased to speak with founder Harshvardhan Agrawal about this interesting brand and plans for the future.

Can you tell us a little about the story behind your launch?
O’Greens (OG) was set up with the purpose of enhancing the wellbeing of the people and the planet by developing the most clean, natural and vegan nutritious health products to enable a fit body, active mind, and bold spirit. We want to make people consciously aware of what they are eating and how it is affecting them and the environment. We want to inspire and transform lives by offering health, mindfulness and compassion through the joy and balance of food. 

The O in OG stands for Original, Oxygen and Organic. We develop sustainable food that is healthy and is produced in a humane, ecologically benign, socially responsible, and economical way. 

O Greens

Constant reduction in carbon footprint is our continuous endeavour. We have teamed up with Cauvery Calling, an initiative by Isha Foundation formed by Sadhguru to protect the river Cauvery by planting 242 crore trees in the next 12 years and help farmers earn a living. Our facility is 100% solar-powered and all our organic waste is composted. We are on our way to be 100% plastic-free by March 2021.

What products does your range include?
We began with Energy Bars and Bliss balls (Pops) but plan to add India’s first of its kind Natural Protein Bars and Protein Bliss Balls before Christmas. We are working on 3 different product categories for the market as well. All our products are vegan, free from gluten, sugar, sugar alcohols, soy, preservatives, additives, added flavours, whey.  

All of our products carry naturally cultivated ingredients, for example, our products derive sweetness from dates rather than sugar. We have used ingredients in certain combinations to raise spiritual vibrations in your brain. 

What makes your products stand out?
OG stands for Holistic Nutrition, which is all about clean, natural, and vegan nutrition leading to a fit body, active mind, and bold spirit. Clean nutrition means our products do not contain sugar or any sugar alcohols. Our ingredients are grown organically, produced locally, and free from preservatives, chemicals and fertilisers. We endeavour to create products that complement the daily nutritional needs of people in the modern world. 

We are also proud to be a 100% vegan company for the planet and the animals. It’s at the essence of our very being. 


What kind of trading partners are you looking for abroad?
We want to associate with people / companies with a similar mindset, who are committed to the cause of giving back to nature and sustainable development. Our main criteria is looking for associates who believe in our core values of:

  1. Nature First: We firmly believe we need nature and not the other way round. Hence, every action of ours goes through the filter of impact on nature. 
  2. A sage saying in Hindu scriptures ‘Yatha Annam Tatha Mannam’ (As food and mind – What one eats, so one thinks): Our mental and intellectual development is directly related to the quality of our food intake. According to the principles of spiritual nutrition all foods carry a frequency and have the ability to change our vibration. 
  3. Growing together: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 
  4. Victoria Concordia Crescit: ‘Victory through harmony’

We want to partner with people who have a distribution channel and would be able to move our products in the market with ease. 



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