One Planet Pizza: “We’re Not Your Typical Company. We’re Mission Led and Purpose Driven”

Much-loved UK brand One Planet Pizza has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2016 as the UK’s first producer of frozen vegan pizzas. Having smashed its recent Crowdfunder campaign, the father and son team has just secured its first major UK supermarket listing with a rollout into 75 ASDA stores across the UK.

“We call it pizza with purpose”

Four varieties of OPP’s wide product portfolio — Mediterranean Veg, Three Cheeze Margherita, Spicy Peppernomi, and Hawaiian — launched into ASDA on April 14th, placed on gondola ends for increased visibility, as part of the supermarket’s aim to increase flexitarianism.

We caught up with Mike and Joe as they celebrate this most recent achievement.

What’s the history of One Planet Pizza and how did the company evolve?
Father and Son team, Mike & Joe Hill started this journey back in 2016, making pizzas by hand at home. We created One Planet Pizza out of a passion to make mouth-watering pizzas that are great for you and the planet. We call it pizza with purpose. It is a family-founded business which started small, but our ambition is planetary. We’re shooting for the stars!

One Planet Pizza lifestyle shot
©One Planet Pizza

Although we are about to embark on our first big four UK grocer listing and have over 500 outlets in the UK and Internationally, keeping things local is still close to our hearts – from sourcing from suppliers around the UK and working with our local council to create a circular economy to reduce waste.

“keeping things local is still close to our hearts”

As you can tell, we’re not your typical company. We’re mission led and purpose-driven. Saving our planet one slice at a time.

What is the current product range?
Our core pizza range has been made to be a direct swap for the favourite flavours of the western hemisphere – Our Three Cheeze Margherita; our Peppernomi (which is the trademarked name !) featuring Jack & Bry Jackfruit Pepperoni; our Hawaiian which uses This isn’t bacon lardons and the highly controversial pineapple; and our classic Mediterranean Vegetable.

We top our pizzas very generously, with over 25% more cheeze than other vegan pizzas – so we really can say that taste is king. We pride ourselves on having extra melty cheeze too – and have done extensive product testing to get the perfect pull!

©One Planet Pizza

What about sustainability?
One planet pizza is on a mission to save the planet one slice at a time – we know that saving the world starts with what’s on our plates, so we want to show as many people as possible that it is easy for them to make a more planet-friendly choice without compromising on taste or paying a high premium.

We recently had our products Carbon Rated with My Emissions, so we know the Carbon Footprint of our products vs a meat and dairy version – and on average across the range this is 47% lower. You can read more about this here Three A’s and One B – Our Carbon Scores Are In – One Planet Pizza

When will the products be seen in mainstream retail shops?
We launched just last week! We’re now in over 70 ASDA stores nationwide as part of their new Nurture programme, supporting small brands with sustainability at heart.

What are the plans for this year? (product range, export,…)
We will continue to work with retailers to secure further listings and make sure our product is as widely available as possible. This includes further expansion internationally. We will also keep having fun with the product and innovating, finding the perfect pizza flavours that everyone will love.

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