Peas of Heaven: “We Want to Be the Coca-Cola of Plant-Based Comfort Food”

Sweden’s Peas of Heaven produces pea-based burgers, meatballs, bacon, mince, various types of sausage, and is on a mission is to “reach everyone who’s curious about plant-based food, regardless of whether it’s a one-day choice or a lifestyle.” This March, the young brand launched an online store to allow customers to purchase products online for home delivery, and promptly sold out within 24 hours.

“We are very proud to have launched such an extensive product line and we have great new products coming”

We were interested to speak with co-founder Lucas Karlsson about the Peas of Heaven success story so far.

© Peas of Heaven

What is Peas of Heaven’s elevator pitch?
We make comfort food delicious, at the same price, but healthier for you and the planet.

How was the brand born?
We come from a family tradition of meats and charcuteries, but from a young age both me and my brother have shown interest in sustainability and health, and going vegan was clearly the way to go. We saw an opportunity to bring a line of products to the world that takes into account both environmental and health concerns, in a familiar and convenient form as in vegan sausages and other products.

Peas of Heaven Balls
©Peas of Heaven

Since the launch in 2019 we have constantly been working on customer satisfaction, with the quality, feel and taste of our products in utmost focus. We are very proud to have launched such an extensive product line and we have great new products coming in the near future.

What is the USP of Peas of Heaven’s products?
Our products are accessible for anyone, all our products are free from allergens (soy, gluten, lactose) and offer price parity with meat alternatives.

Tell us about your recent e-commerce launch in Sweden.
We got a lot of messages from our customers that they wanted to buy the full range of products and sometimes couldn’t find them at their local grocery. We wanted to help them solve their problem, and really saw it as an opportunity for us to get in direct contact with our consumers and build a relationship through our own shop and service. When we launched we sold out in 48h and got to re-stock our inventory. We will continue to develop our DTC model and try to enhance our online experience and service.

Peas of Heaven burger
© Peas of Heaven

Will your products be available on Amazon in near future?
Yes. We are currently enlisting parts of our range on Amazon. We really got triggered by the possibilities online after our successful e-commerce launch.

Where do you plan to offer your products outside of Sweden, and in how many countries?
We already offer products in most countries in the Nordics. But also parts of Italy, Netherlands, Spain and soon also Hong Kong. This year we are looking to expand to all Nordic countries as well as some bigger markets in Europe.

How many units are you selling?
Our product portfolio consists of 15 products so we sell a lot each month, we do approximately 350,000 sausages each month.

Peas of Heaven
©Peas of Heaven

Are there plans for new products coming to market in the near future?
Yes. We are launching new products adding to our portfolio of comfort food, just plant-based

Where do you see the brand in five years’ time?
We want to be the Coca-Cola of plant-based comfort food. We want our brand to resonate with great food, for you and the planet, without compromising on taste or convenience

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