Plant-Based World Conference & Expo: “Thousands of Ground-Breaking Plant-Based Products That Will Blow Your Mind!”

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On December 9-10, Plant Based World Expo North America — the world’s only 100% plant-based trade show —  will return to the Javits Center New York, with twice as many exhibitors than in 2019, featuring product innovations and networking opportunities with some of the biggest names in the plant-based industry.

We spoke with Benjamin Davis, VP of Content, who enthuses: “Our world-class lineup of speakers will give you a better understanding of the ever-expanding plant-based industry and knowledge that you can start putting into action right away.”

What is the mission and vision of PBW?
Plant Based World’s mission is to facilitate the growth of the plant-based industry. PBW connects and empowers businesses within the global supply network to successfully develop, source and distribute plant-based products. PBW is the only 100% plant-based trade event for foodservice and retail professionals, distributors, investors, and manufacturers. We currently have two events: Plant Based World Conference and Expo in New York in December and our yearly London event, which took place in October 2021. 

Plant Based World
©Plant Based World London

What can attendees expect to find at 2021’s event in New York?
Thousands of ground-breaking plant-based products that will blow your mind! In fact, the expo floor is twice the size it was in 2019, with more than 200 exhibitors. In addition to the expo floor and 20 educational sessions, attendees will get to network with a ‘who’s who’ audience of investors, brand developers and other business professionals and experience real-world case studies. We’re expecting about 3,000 attendees this year.

“attendees will get to network with a ‘who’s who’ audience of investors, brand developers and other business professionals”

Tell us more about the educational components of the conference.
Our sessions feature some of the most influential thought leaders in the plant-based and food industry. Our programming this year has been carefully curated to meet the evolving needs of foodservice and retail industry professionals who are looking for the best ways to meet enormous consumer demand. 

Plantbased World a must attend
©Plant Based World North America Conference

Attendees will learn about plant-based food trends, private labeling, how the retail landscape has shifted since 2020, how leading retailers are approaching ecommerce, investment trends for 2022, the impact of the industry on the environment, merchandising plant-based offerings and much more. 

They will walk away from the conference with a better understanding of the ever-expanding plant-based industry and knowledge that they can start putting into action right away.

How do you think businesses can balance social good and financial success in the plant-based industry?
Taking the time and effort to understand the drivers of this marketplace will necessarily lead to both social good and financial success. Our conference program dives into this in great detail.

Plant-Based-World-Expo europe
©Plant Based World Conference Europe

By learning about the industry and getting in touch with your potential customers–by listening to their desire for foods and products that are truly healthy, sustainable and ethical–your company can supply that demand in a genuine way. This creates an opportunity to find financial success while also making great good for the planet and people. 

“Make it real, authentic and aligned with the growing community of empowered consumers”

You can’t just see that vegan chicken nuggets are a trend, launch a flashy brand and expect long-term success. Communicate with your customers. Ask them questions and take good notes. Make it real, authentic and aligned with the growing community of empowered consumers who are buying these products, and success will follow!

What do you consider the greatest achievement of PBW so far?
In 2019, we held the first Plant Based World Expo and it was a tremendous success. Since then, we’ve built a global community that welcomes everyone to the table. Our audience ranges from activists and entrepreneurs passionate about healing the world all the way to corporate executives seeking to expand portfolios and shape trends of the future. 

Plant-Based-World-Expo London
PBW London, Image: vegconomist

I believe that the fusion of these audiences is our greatest achievement. We’re all finding ways to connect, working toward similar goals and ensuring that we meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based foods. We also had a fantastic launch of our European show in London this year, and we’re ending the year with our biggest event yet right back where it all started–in New York City. 

What is on the calendar for PBW in 2022?
Plant Based World Expo is scheduled for September 8-9, 2022 at the Javits Center, and PBW Europe will be held November 30 – Dec 1, 2022.

For more information, go to and to register for the event


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