• Princess Maja von Hohenzollern: “I am open for collaborations.”

    Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is a vegan and a modern, internationally renowned designer for interior and lifestyle, pets- and children’s products. Her collections are well established on the international market. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is also a committed and internationally renowned animal welfare activist. The rescue and protection of stray animals is particularly important to her, as she has already stated before the EU – parliament in Brussels. Furthermore, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is an ambassador for PETA and is involved in various campaigns for the rights and respectful treatment of animals.

    How many products are there in your vegan range, and which product areas do you cover?
    I have vegan carpets, pets accessories for dogs, cats and rodents, children’s toys and soon vegan bathroom furniture too.

    How many countries are your products available in?
    My collections are represented in 80 countries, in both brick and mortar and online stores.

    How did the sale of your PETA-Approved-Vegan carpet collection come about? What distribution channels are they offered through?
    My carpet collection “The Royal Collection” is the first carpet collection on the market to receive the coveted “PETA-Approved-Vegan”-certificate. It consists of 9 different design lines and it was very important to me when I designed it that it looked chic and noble.

    The elegant “Black & White” line reflects my enthusiasm for chessboard floors in castles. Because I myself live with over 20 rescued dogs and cats. I have dedicated my “Royal Pets” line with noble pet portraits, in the pastel colors of lavender to rose quartz, to all dog and cat friends. My “Spirituals” carpets reflect the contemporary mood. These colourful carpets with mandalas and spiritual motifs represent harmony, love and relaxation at home and are also a real eye-catcher as yoga carpets.

    Of course, I also thought of the little princes and princesses and designed an enchanting children’s collection with trendy dots, puppies and cute cats. Classic plain-coloured designs from pearl to diamond to ruby, in fluffy soft short pile and with long pile and glamour effects, round off the royal range along with bath mats and floor mats. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern’s vegan carpet collection (The Story) was presented at the Domotex 2018 trade fair and is now available in both brick and mortar and online shops.

    Are you open to collaborations, and in which product areas?
    I’d like to continuously develop my vegan collections and am interested in further collaborations, especially in the areas of furniture and home textiles but also in modern, chic clothing, vegan shoes and bags, sportswear, and underwear, as well as cosmetics and vegan food products. I can also imagine designing vegan car interiors, motorhomes and hotel rooms. There are many products that go well with my brand “Prinzessin Maja von Hohenzollern”, because many people associate princesses with stylish lifestyles, trendy fashions and good taste. I’m a modern, vegan princess with an international reputation and I authentically represent products with high ethical standards.

    I’ve noticed many gaps in the market for trendy vegan products with style and glamour, especially for women. Since vegan nutrition and cosmetics have already established themselves, the scope of the vegan lifestyle is being extended to living, fashion, cars and other areas of life. Veganism is not just a dietary trend but a fundamental attitude towards life, which is characterized by respect and responsibility towards humans, animals and the environment.

    What requirements should a potential collaboration partner meet?
    Potential collaboration partners should work on a licensed basis and be internationally positioned in sales. A licensed partner could benefit a lot from such a collaboration, because I bring not only my design skills and my awareness of trends and styles, but also the popularity of my international brand and its considerable PR power. At a time when there is widespread availability of very similar products, it’s important to have a unique selling point and a great story to succeed in the market. A company can take advantage of this USP through a licensed collaboration in order to open up new markets and target groups, and a vegan princess is a great story with international potential.

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