Swiss Retail Giant Migros: 500+ Certified Vegan Products Already in Stock

The Swiss retail giant Migros already has 500+ certified vegan products in stock. As part of their “Generation M” sustainability programme, the company had already set the target of increasing its range of certified vegan and vegetarian products by 30 % by 2017. Migros has also seen a 2-digit % growth for their vegan and vegetarian-certified range since 2013.

We talked to Cristina Maurer Frank, media spokesperson for Migros, about the status quo, previous developments and future plans.

How many vegan products do you currently have in your range?
Migros had set itself the goal of offering at least 488 certified vegan and vegetarian products by the end of 2017, which corresponds to an increase of 30 percent over 2015. However, the target was far exceeded, so that there are now around 536 vegan products in the range alone. In addition, there are numerous vegan basic articles that are not advertised (rice, various cereals, beverages, fruit, vegetables, etc.).

Which vegan product groups are currently growing significantly?
The popularity of vegan products is growing continuously. Such products are not only consumed by people who only want to live vegan; many people also discover vegan products because they want to try something new. Migros’ customers get even more variety for their menu plan with the expansion of the range. Since 2013, we have seen growth in the 2-digit % range for the entire vegan and vegetarian-certified range.

What vegan innovations will come in the near future?
For the barbecue season we now have the Cornatur Mexican Burger in our range with beans and corn. A nice change from the established barbecue food.

Which target groups, apart from veggies, opt for vegan products? (Is there any socio-demographic data?)
The market for vegetarian / vegan products is growing mainly due to the fact that more and more people want to reduce meat consumption completely or partially and consciously consume vegetarian / vegan products – be it as a classic meat substitute or a good tasty alternative such as falafel, Gemüse-Plätzli or tofu products.

How will the vegan lifestyle develop in the coming years?
We react strongly to customer requests that we receive via Migipedia or M-Infoline. One example is the recently launched Cornatur Tempeh Nuggets. We also orient ourselves to international and national trends.

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