The Modern Agriculture Foundation: “We Work Towards a New Food System.”

Everyone is talking about clean meat and plant-based meat alternatives. But before these topics become mainstream, we need people that build bridges between several sectors. This is exactly what ‘The Modern Agriculture Foundation’ is doing on a daily basis. The Non-Profit-Organization from Israel connects entrepreneurs and founders, politics, research institutes and investors to make the dream of clean and plant-based meat come true. We wanted to know more about this mission and interviewed Daniela Kurz (Marketing and Communications Director) about MAF. 

What is the goal of your organization?
The Modern Agriculture Foundation (MAF) is working towards a food system that produces healthy, sustainable and affordable food without harming animals or the environment. We are a nonprofit organization founded by animal and environmental activists in Israel. Our mission is to promote research and development in the field of clean and plant-based alternatives to meat, eggs and dairy products. The great advantage of Israel as a startup nation is the concentration of many talented entrepreneurs with a population and area comparable to the size of the San Francisco Bay Area. In this hotbed of innovation, science and technology, we’re committed to developing a significant, clean and plant-based protein hub. Our work has already resulted in 4 startups in the field of clean meat, including Supermeat.

Which projects are you currently working on?
Universities are an essential part of our work. There, you find talents who could potentially important alternatives to animal products. We organize lectures and courses on alternative proteins. Thus, students receive the necessary education and are also thrilled to participate in research and development in this area.

We have already organized an international conference and are planning another one. We also raise awareness in the public and in different sectors, so everyone gets familiar with the topic. We also support startups who work on plant-based and clean alternatives. It is also important for us to work closely with Europe in this area. That’s why we are planning to set up another branch of the Foundation there.

How do you finance yourself?
So far, we have been funded by small and medium-sized donations from individuals who identify with the cause.

You are looking for sponsors, for which projects?
We plan to launch a clean fish research project, promote interesting startups producing plant-based animal products, and hold another international conference in Israel. In order to be able to realize these projects, we would have to fully hire a CEO who would be responsible for coordinating these projects. We are therefore urgently seeking funding for the salary of this full time employee and hope to find sponsors in Europe.

What role will Clean Meat play globally in the food sector in 20 years?
Within 20 years, we hope that clean and plant-based meat will be a significant contributor to the current meat market. Our goal is to make the best possible contribution by using the invaluable resources of our small country has to offer to create healthy, sustainable and cruelty-free food for the whole world.



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