V Label Spain: “Our Mission is For a Vegan to Fill His or Her Supermarket Basket in the Same Way as an Omnivore”

Isabel Jurado, Head of V-Label Spain, has been vegan for almost the last 30 years. As a spiritual person, Isabel always felt close to the subject of animal wellbeing and the protection of the environment, trying to live a life in line with her values.

What is the Unión Vegetariana Española, and what does the organization stand for?
UVE is the organisation advocating for the interest of the vegan and vegetarian movement in Spain. We act to raise awareness of the benefits of a plant-based diet for the people, the planet and the animals. In addition, as a leading organisation, we manage the awarding of the V-Label in Spain.

What successes do you like to look back on?
Our purpose has been the same since we started back in 2015. Our mission is for a vegan to fill his or her supermarket basket in the same way as an omnivore does. Today, we can say that we have succeeded. Hopefully, prices can soon be equalized to make plant-based food an option that is 100% accessible to everyone.

Since when does the V-Label in Spain exist? How many products and companies have been licensed to date?
The year 2023 marked the 20th anniversary of UVE, however, as V-Label we have been active since 2015 and, as such, we licensed more than 800 companies and more than 6,000 products. Among our clients, we count Foody’s, Heura, BYPHASSE, Soria Natural, 226rs, Bodegas Bocopa, Freixenet, and Burger King, and many others.

V Label Spain projection on stage
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What actions or projects are you planning in the future? What are the most important goals of V-Label in Spain?
We aim and will work hard to keep being the leading vegan and vegetarian trademark in Spain. We plan to consolidate the cosmetics sector and this 2024 we plan to expand our clients to other sectors such as textile, or gastronomy. Moreover, we intend to increase our visibility beyond the supermarkets, we want to bring the label closer to the general public.

How do you assess the situation of the plant-based industry in Spain in general? Which developments speak for progress, and which challenges have to be overcome?
After years of constant growth in the sector, we are beginning to enter a period of stability, where leading companies in the sector are entering the field of innovation and new technologies such as 3D printing. Besides this stagnation, we have to work for the plant-based industry to be long-lasting over time. Several companies have seen the plant-based movement as a trend and as an economic opportunity, now that things are becoming more stable in the sector we have to make sure that there are still vegan options accessible to all.

Where can interested people meet you in person (trade fairs, congresses, events, roadshows)?
Trade fairs, congresses, vegan events or VegFests! We make sure to be present in the key events in Spain so that both potential companies and people interested in the certification can approach us. Keep an eye on what 2024 will bring us!

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