vWire: “The Goal is to Grow the Vegan Movement So it Reaches More People Every Day”

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vWire News launched in 2020,  conceived out of a desire to provide vegan businesses with a platform to easily reach the vegan media with their news releases. As a service, it aims to address the need for a content source solely dedicated to delivering vegan news to the growing number of vegan media and influencers.

For an in-depth understanding of vWire, the new vegan PR wire, we reached out to Founder Star Simmons.

What need does vWire uniquely serve?
What makes vWire News unique is our commitment to running alerts about and by vegans. Our editorial team reviews every press release submission to ensure it adheres to our guidelines of covering vegan-only businesses.

The difficulty in getting people to use a new service is often underestimated. Can you share some of the obstacles and how you have overcome them?

Our focus is on customer service and making sure every user has a positive experience. As a new service we understand building trust is all about delivering on the brand promise and adding value every step of the way. We are very hands on with client services and this helps make new and repeat clients comfortable with using vWire because they know they will get great service.

What has the response been so far?
The response has been extremely positive, both from the media and end-users. We know there was a need for this service and when people learn about vWire they immediately see the value in what we offer. As vWire continues to grow we will make sure the needs of our users are a priority.

How do you see the media landscape changing?
The mainstream media is covering more vegan focused stories than ever before and they often look to vegan media as a source. Until now there wasn’t a dedicated platform to help disseminate that news. Vegan businesses are thriving and they need a platform to help get their business news to the media.  We hold ourselves to high standards in terms of ensuring our content is from a vegan source. This is important because as more vegan media players and influencers enter the landscape, vWire will become the go-to source for news about the VegEconomy™.

From your unique position, what kind of releases/news are you seeing coming through and from that what predictions can you make regarding plant-based business?
Many vegan owned businesses are led by a small team or a solopreneur. We see releases coming from newly launched businesses like local restaurants, vegan employment search firms, financial services and of course a lot of vegan product launches.

We expect to see more product launches this year both food and personal care. The categories are poised for growth coming from increase interest and consumer demand in 2020.

How many media outlets are currently connected to vWire and do you anticipate more vegan publications coming online?
Building partnerships with vegan media is ongoing and every day new partners are joining vWire. To date we have built partnerships with a third of all vegan media, that is both national and international. We expect that by mid-2021 we’ll be partnered with close to 90% of all vegan media. We are also building awareness among mainstream media, many reporters covering the vegan beat can subscribe to our RSS feed and get the hottest vegan story leads in their inbox every day. The goal is to grow the vegan movement so it reaches more people every day.

How do you plan to grow vWire from its base?
As a content-driven platform, we are focused in the three vegan Q’s: Quality, Quotable, and Quick. The first, Quality, refers to trust because as a news source, it’s important that both users and media know what to expect. Next, Quotable, it’s all about the story being something that our media partners will want to cover because it’s something their readers would be interested in. We offer tools that help users in writing the press release to make sure it’s as strong and compelling as it can be. Lastly, Quick, because news happens fast and being agile means our clients are getting ROI.

Is there anything else you would like to share about vWire?
We are grateful for the support we’ve received from the vegan media and the partnerships we’ve created. We look forward to servicing our growing number of clients in 2021 and beyond.

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