• WE ♥ PLANTS: “Our Range Consists of High Quality, Long-Life Foods For Large-Scale Users and Industrial Clients”

    The private dairy Naarmann has been a supplier of high-quality long-life and diverse dairy products for the gastronomy, catering and food processing industries for more than 117 years. Earlier this year, the company launched a new plant-based product range called WE ♥ PLANTS, consisting of vegan alternatives made from sustainable raw materials, specifically designed to meet the needs of wholesale consumers.

    We recently spoke to Claus Naarmann, Managing Director of Privatmolkerei Naarmann, about the launch of the new vegan product line and the company’s future strategy.

    What does Privatmolkerei Naarmann stand for?
    Naarmann is a family-operated dairy, which has been developing innovative plant-based foods alongside long-life dairy products for many years and distributes them worldwide via food service.qqa

    As a family company, we stand for reliability in our actions. Over 100 years of experience and presence on the market underpin the confidence that our partners have in us. Together, we develop forward-looking products for a balanced, healthy diet. Sustainable actions form part of our self-image. Our aim is to bring economic, social and ecological aspects into harmony, both on the classic market for dairy products and on the newer, growing market for plant-based products.

    © Privatmolkerei Naarmann GmbH

    What plant-based products do you currently offer?
    Our plant-based product range WE  PLANTS currently comprises the following products:

    The Oat Drink is a vegan milk alternative and is suitable for use in coffee, for foaming, cooking or preparing vegan desserts. The WE ♥ PLANTS Oat Drink is available in a 1-litre Tetra Pak as well as in the 5-litre bag-in-box.

    The Cooking Cream, a vegan alternative to conventional cooking cream, enables soups and sauces to be refined and vegan dishes can be created easily. With 15% fat, it creates a creamy consistency and sets well. The WE ♥ PLANTS Cooking Cream is available in a 1 kg pack.

    The Sour Cream is the vegan alternative to classic sour cream. With 20% fat, the oat-based cream is particularly creamy. Like conventional sour cream, our Sour Cream is fermented with (vegan) cultures, which gives it a fine acidic note. The WE ♥ PLANTS Sour Cream, available in a 1 kg pack, can be used, for instance, to make vegan dips or desserts.

    Sour-Creme We love Plants
    © Privatmolkerei Naarmann GmbH

    What makes your products special?
    The plant-based products from our WE  PLANTS range impress kitchen professionals in terms of how they can be used and offer special properties for savoury vegan dishes and desserts. The Cooking Cream binds well and offers good acid stability. The Sour Cream is also acid-stable and does not release any liquid. All WE  PLANTS products are not only innovative ingredients for vegan dishes, but can also be used in recipes just like conventional ingredients. These plant-based products have a long shelf life and are easy to stock.

    The WE  PLANTS Oat Drink is particularly popular in coffee shops. A fine, stable foam is created when the Oat Drink is foamed. Naarmann is also currently the only manufacturer to supply an Oat Drink in large 5L containers, for example.

    By the way, all WE  PLANTS products are free from soya, do not contain any palm oil and do not need to be declared on menus. They are also easily digestible for guests with lactose intolerance.

    Our entire product range consists of high-quality, long-life foods for large-scale users and industrial clients, and is constantly being expanded with innovations. Our actions focus on added value for our customers in the form of quality improvements, cost savings and reducing CO2. There are no limits when it comes to using our products creatively. In terms of transparency regarding additives, the user is always on the safe side with Naarmann products, as we refrain almost entirely from using any additives that need to be declared.

    Who do you target with this range?
    With our entire product range, we have specialised in catering to the needs of all professional users and are passionate about being a strong partner to the specialist wholesale sector. In our plant-based product range WE  PLANTS, we offer our customers delicious and innovative solutions for the vegan preferences of our guests. We are constantly developing our range in order to always be up to date with changing gastronomic requirements and new food trends.

    What plant-based innovations are set to follow?
    We are currently working on exciting new developments that can be added to sweet and savoury dishes, which will be coming onto the market later this year. During development, we work closely with professionals from the restaurant business and equipment manufacturers, keeping guests’ palates in mind. We don’t want to give too much more away at this point.

    In which regions of the world do you deliver?
    Our products can be found mainly in Europe, but also in China, Vietnam, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, as well as in the Caribbean, for example.

    Can brands also order small individual batches from you?
    Our flexibility is our strength, so we also produce small batches of an individually developed product for professional users.

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