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Alternative Protein Investor Network GlassWall Syndicate Finds “New Home” at Brinc

GlassWall Syndicate (GWS), described as the world’s largest alternative protein investor network, has announced that it is now hosted by Hong Kong-based global venture capital and accelerator firm Brinc.

Brinc’s resources and network — including teams across regions such as MENA, India, Singapore, China, and Japan — will allow GWS to enter a new growth phase, increasing critical funding avenues for companies working to combat the climate crisis. Brinc will support GWS in a strategic expansion beyond alternative proteins into sub-verticals such as Climate Adaptation, Advanced Materials, Circular Economy, and more.

Going forward, GWS members will still be able to access their existing benefits, with the addition of even more resources, deals, and opportunities. Vetted members will be able to participate in syndicated deals with attractive member terms through Brinc’s AngelList platform.

“We are pleased to welcome GlassWall Syndicate, an organization that reflects our deep commitment to nurturing impact investing,” said Manav Gupta, founder and CEO of Brinc. “With our proven engagement in sectors like food, agriculture, and climate technology, we have empowered founders to turn ideas into scalable solutions that tackle worldwide challenges. By getting on board with GWS, we hope to amplify these efforts, ensuring critical projects receive the necessary funding and support and reinforcing our ongoing commitment to generate substantial, positive change across various industries.”

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“Vital resource”

Initially spearheaded by Stray Dog Capital, GlassWall Syndicate was founded in 2017 as a nonprofit community of high-net-worth individual investors, leading VC and PE firms, and global partners. Led by Macy Marriott, the collective has facilitated the deployment of millions in additional capital into innovative alternative protein companies.

Last year, GlassWall Syndicate (with GFI as a knowledge partner) launched its Emerging Growth Consortium (EGC). The consortium provides Series B and beyond investors with a formal network catered to their needs, helping to bring later-stage investors into the space. So far, EGC has welcomed leading organizations such as L Catterton, the Plant Based Foods Association, Plant Futures, and more. It will continue to expand following the new developments.

“Our team is more aware than ever of the importance and urgency around the challenges our world faces. We must continue building a platform that serves the unique needs of founders, investors, nonprofits, and other collaborators who drive transformational change,” said Macy Marriott, Executive Director of GlassWall Syndicate. “Just as the problems we’re collectively tackling are ever-evolving, so are the needs of the people at the forefront. GWS has been and will continue to be a vital resource that increases capital availability and deployment through our streamlined, efficient, and community-focused network to drive us toward a more sustainable future. We are proud to have found our new home within the Brinc team, where we can soar to new heights and creatively champion the industry.”

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