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Beyond Investing Launches Five New Vegan Investment Products

Beyond Investing, which describes itself as the world’s only vegan investment platform, has announced it is launching five new investment products in collaboration with its affiliate Beyond Impact.

In 2018, Beyond Investing introduced the US Vegan Climate Index, which was being tracked by assets worth over $25 million within a year of its launch. This figure now stands at $55 million.

Now, Beyond Investing has launched the Europe Vegan Climate Index, which will apply the same policies. Companies will be excluded if they are involved in:

  • Animal testing
  • Animal-derived products
  • Animals in sport and entertainment
  • Fossil fuel production
  • Energy production from fossil fuel
  • Other environmental concerns
  • Military and defence
  • Financing of excluded activities

The index was first published on Bloomberg under the ticker “VEGANE” on June 3rd.

The Vegan World Index Certificate

The second new product is the Vegan World Index Certificate. This has the same exclusions as the Vegan Climate Indexes, but is for global small to mid-cap growth companies. Rather than including all eligible companies, it proactively targets relevant ones, from major players such as Beyond Meat to lesser-known companies.

Claire Smith, image courtesy of Beyond Animal

Vegan Venture Funds

Additionally, Beyond Impact has launched three vegan venture capital funds. The first, the Vegan Diversity Fund, aims to seed companies with diverse founding teams, mostly in the US. The second, the Vegan Diversity S/EIS Fund, will provide early-stage financing to diverse UK businesses.

Finally, the Beyond Impact Fund II will invest in innovative plant-based companies, participating in larger seed raises and providing follow-on funding to later-stage companies.

Claire Smith, CEO of Beyond Investing and CIO of Beyond Impact, discussed the investment platform in an interview on The Plantbased Business Hour last year.

“The more listed companies there are, the more complete our solution becomes in our public market portfolios, and we expect the universe of companies for the Vegan World Index to grow strongly in coming months and years,” she says.

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