NUTRUMAMI Secures €450K Pre-Seed Funding to Pioneer a Brand New Ingredient Category, “Multi-Functional Plant Proteins”

NUTRUMAMI, a Danish startup developing a plant protein powder designed to replace the nutrients found in animal meat products, announces the successful closing of a €450K pre-seed funding round led by Kost Capital and Planetary Impact Ventures.

Founded by Frederik Jensen, a fine-dining chef with over 12 years of experience in FMCG innovation, NUTRUMAMI states that it is pioneering a new ingredient category, “multi-functional plant proteins”. Jensen previously served as CIO and co-founder of CHEW in Boston. Head of Fermentation, Chuchu Huang, holds a PhD in microbiology and fermentation and previously worked at Mycorena and Novo Nordisk.

“Our mission is to unlock plant proteins to transform the quality of plant-centric foods in terms of taste, texture, and nutrition”

Through a “unique cross-fermentation process”, for which the startup says it has a patent pending, NUTRUMAMI provides ingredients and flavors produced from sustainable resources to facilitate a reduction in the dependence on nutrients extracted from animals.

Image courtesy of NUTRUMAMI

Mission to transform plant-centric food

“NUTRUMAMI enhances plant protein taste, texture, and nutrition. This technology enables the creation of clean, wholesome, plant-centric foods that are delicious and nutritionally superior,” says the startup. With the fresh funds, NUTRUMAMI states it is planning to expand its team in preparation for market launch.

“Our mission is to unlock plant proteins to transform the quality of plant-centric foods in terms of taste, texture, and nutrition while being clean and wholesome to enable a true dietary shift. By leveraging our advanced cross-fermentation techniques, we deliver synergistic impacts like enhanced protein with heightened bioavailabilities, reduced antinutrients, rich umami, and unique heightened levels of key vitamins and minerals to solve today’s challenges in plant-based foods by gaining real flavor from the protein and delivering a complete nutritional profile.”

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